Baltimore Meetup 4/10 1PM

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Date: Sunday April 10

Time: 1PM

Location: Charmington's

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I agree to any and all conditions for a DC meetup. Push it out, later in the day, any other location.

I just wanted to get the ball rolling. Let's start with a date. How about May 15?

Oops. I had just started this thread.

Should we move discussion to over there?

Works for me.

That works for me too... anyone here have enough karma so that we can break this out as a separate top level post? :-)

The convention seems to be to post something 1-2 weeks in advance. I can make a post on May 1.

I probably wouldn't have gone to the Baltimore one anyway, but I almost certainly won't knowing there's a DC one already being planned.

I can do May 15.

Yeah, I think that would work for me too.

Benquo and falenas108. I live in DC also. Let's start a DC meet up. How about some Sunday morning 8 am Starbuck's 22nd & P, They have roomy upstairs seating. Or anywhere else convenient to you all.


I'd attend a DC meetup, but maybe we should push it out a month or so at least- Otherwise it causes confusion about the Baltimore meeting, which has already been fully organized... no need to split attendance by having two meetings at the same time at two places so close to each other.

8AM?? Have some mercy!
I'm from the greater DC metro area...I can't make it so early.

8AM sounds a little early to me too (though I can make it if there's no other feasible time), but the location is fine.

The Cosi is right on top of the Dupont Circle South Metro exit. 10 am?

Excellent. Now let's pick a place. Any suggestions? I like the Dupont Circle area, but anywhere else in town is good for me. Parking is free everywhere on Sundays.

I am flexible as to location, but if it's not inconvenient for anyone else, the 22nd and P Starbucks sounds like a reasonable location to me. Or anywhere else in the Dupont Area.

It probably should be someplace within a couple blocks of a Metro stop, as it seems most of us are going to use the Metro to get there.

The Starbucks venue fills fast by late morning. If we're going to meet later, then we need a different venue. There's a Cosi at 1350 Connecticut Ave that's struggling to fill seats because Panera moved in next door. That might be a better bet fore later in the day.

Is there any reasonable way to get there using public transportation from Montgomery County?

It looks like there might be enough people in MoCo for our own meetup. Maybe we should try doing one, and see if it's something we can/want to keep having?

Where in MoCo are you? I will most likely be going, live in DC, and would be able to provide a ride.

Alternately, it's a little pricey, but you can take an Amtrak train from Union Station for twenty-something dollars.

Or if you can get to BWI (you can get there via the Inter-County Connector from Shady Grove station, or via the BWI Express/B30 from the Greenbelt station), you can take the light rail to the North Avenue station.

Both rail routes deposit you about a mile from the destination.

Never mind, can't go next weekend anyways.

I live in Rockville, is that at all on the way?

The Shady Grove station is the end of the Red Line, one stop past the Rockville station going north. Union Station is on the Red Line as well, if you were going into town to meet Benquo for a ride, or take the train. Going south, its two stops past the Gallery Place - Chinatown stop.

This area is really difficult to arrange meetups, it seems, despite the close proximity mileage wise. The DC and Baltimore gravity wells really slow down travel times. I've been idly thinking of suggesting Terrapin Adventures as an outing ( , located in Savage, MD). but I just don't know if people would be able to make it, due to things like available public transportation. Anyway, hope this meetup is successful, and spawns meetings in DC, Howard, Montgomery, etc.

Rockville is kinda-sorta on the way for me.

Slightly easier for me would be to meet at a metro station further in (I'm at Van Ness, but as far up as Medical Center wouldn't be out of the way either) and pick you up there.

But there are often delays on the weekend, which could add a good bit to your travel time.

I live in Wheaton. Might I be able to get a ride?

Sounds like there should just be a Bethesda meetup for the people that can't make the Baltimore one :)

Wheaton's nearly on the way, so I could do that.