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I want to make machines understand language, for greater communication, cooperation and progress. I hold a Ph.D. in AI (natural language processing). My day job is to assist humans with an AI that understands their job. I'm based in southwestern France, where no rationalist group exists. I want to create one.

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[Link] Willpower duality (a very short essay)

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Open thread, Oct. 31 - Nov. 6, 2016

1 min read
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I'll be there. As I said in the sister post on LW1.0: The community weekend of 2017 was one of my best memories from the past year. Varied and interesting activities, broad ranges of topics, tons of fascinating discussions with people from diverse backgrounds. Organizers are super friendly. One very...(read more)

The Community Weekend of 2017 was one of the highlights of my past year. I strongly recommend it.

Excellent discussions, very friendly organizers, awesome activities.

Signed up!

I'll be blunt. Until this second post, there was a negative incentive to people on this site to comment on your first post. The expected reaction was downvote it to hell without bothering to comment. Now, with this second post, clarifying the context of the first, I'd still downvote the first, but I...(read more)

Thanks for this post. I'm not sure what is your central point, what is the component you announce at the start of the post. I understood that life contains a spectrum of situations we have more or less control over, that perfect control or perfect lack of control all the time is not desirable, and t...(read more)

Hi Raemon! This is a topic I'm very bad ad writing structured answers about, and much better at chatting about, because there are tons of things to say and I'd need more details to know how to steer my advice. That being said, I recommend you this repository for resources, aimed at people with a tec...(read more)

  1. Drop in average temperature over the last few centuries, with a minimum around 1650.
  2. Colder winters, change in crops produced, more glaciers.
  3. Half a Kelvin (half a degree Celsius).
  4. Up to five degrees until the end of the century.

See this and that. What is your point?

I agree with your points. To restate my question, what extra insights does your model provide, compared to (for example), an ever-updating Maslow's hierarchy of needs?

What you are describing, as far as I can understand, is that we are adaptation executers. The List is everything we want, whether hardcoded into our biology, or expressed by our minds. Yes, it updates. I'd also appreciate, as other commenters pointed out, what kind of predictions can your model make...(read more)