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How to Best Use Twitter

One thing that I found really valuable is using browser extension. It allows you to quickly check people’s best content when you’re exploring their account and also provides a bunch of other helpful search UX improvements

Watching Myself Program

Nice, curious to try this!

Another program I remember doing screenshotting in a style described: (may be macOS only)

Watching Myself Program

Windows: this should probably run over "linux subsystem for windows"

Optimal Exercise

I see that the original commenter deactivated their account here, I am curious if your thinking on BBS changed since then at all or if you've seen any additional evidence on the topic?

Taking Clones Seriously has a fictional exploration of a similar topics (trying to achieve not just intelligence transfer, but also expertiese in a relevant field)

Consider Taking Zinc Every Time You Travel

Curious to hear about your experience so far!

Intentional friend making

👋 thanks everyone for attending, I'd appreciate people sending me feedback on how did it go for you. You can do that by filling out the form at

Cognitive scientist Joel Chan on metascience, scaling and automating innovation, collective intelligence, and tools for thought.

Hey! The podcast sounds exciting! A bit of feedback - it wasn't really trivial for me to find the rss feed to subscribe to the podcast though. It does not seem to be featured separately anywhere on the website?

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