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Shoulder Advisors 101

I (weakly) predict that building a shoulder advisor or two out of less-useful-but-more-emulable people might be worth it via giving you the skill of emulating to the available max? Such that, finding emulation in general a little easier and more familiar, you might be able to try again with the actual higher-value targets?

That makes sense, I'll give it a try.

FWIW, I have been genuinely surprised by advice from shoulder advisors that I could not predict;

Ah, I see.

Shoulder Advisors 101

My own personal experience following this post: I don't have enough training data for most of the people I'd like to emulate. When I think of the people I know irl that is like to learn from, I've spent about ten hours 1-on-1 with each of them; not enough to have a solid mental model of what advice they may give. At the same time, part of why I value their advice is that I can't predict it; they have wisdom and experience that I don't. Often, I'll ask them for advice and be surprised by their answer. When I tried to create a shoulder advisor of one of them, it didn't work; I just didn't know enough about them to accurately understand what they were thinking in a certain situation.

Still a great post, though; just didn't work for a specific use case of mine.

Petrov Day 2021: Mutually Assured Destruction?

Same thing happened to me. Might've been a bug with page loading? I've had similar things happen with other sites.

The 2021 Less Wrong Darwin Game

I might try to parallelize it to some degree. It seems like the biomes might be able to be run separately, and the pairings might as well. No promises, though.

The 2021 Less Wrong Darwin Game

Invitation to any potential collaborators who want to design species that will be able to survive in equilibrium with each other; PM me for details.

LessWrong is paying $500 for Book Reviews

You can vote for a specific tag on a page, and "most relevant" sorts by the post where that tag has been upvoted the most instead of the karma of the posts with the tag.


Interesting. In what ways?


Thank you for pointing that out--should be fixed now.

The Apprentice Thread


Writing PM now.

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