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As an addition: I solved my back-problems by getting rid of my pillow (I think switching to a really thin one also helps). The first days are a little bit uncomfortable, but then it's actually quite nice and I sleep more often on the back or stomach, instead on the side. Definitely worth giving it a ~10 days try!

I bought ~$5 medicine dispensers with weekday labels, which improved my life by ~15%.

Due to a psychiatric illness, I have to take a single pill every morning. It wasn't very complicated, so I just took them from the blister pack she was carrying. If I forget to take a pill, I feel uncomfortable in the evening. Not too much, but what was much more stressful was that I often didn't *know* it: Did I forget to take the pill in the morning? Or is my condition worsening? This uncertainty was really scary.

With the Medi-Dispenser I forget the pill less often, and more importantly: if I feel uncomfortable in the evening, I can check the dispenser, and in 95% I recognize it again: No, my condition does not get worse, I only forgot to take my pill in the morning. Then I go to sleep and make sure that I take the next pill the day after.

PS: I am a little embarrassed that it took me about 5 years to come to this simple solution. I'll share it anyway, if it helps anyone else.