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(briefly) RaDVaC and SMTM, two things we should be doing

I found a low six figure donor who filled 25% of their funding gap. The rest has not been filled. EDIT: They also got an ACX grant, but not enough to fill the whole funding gap I believe. I can intro donors who want to fill it to the radvac team. Email me at jacob at lesswrong.com

Original thread and credit to ChristianKl who picked up on and alerted me to rumours of the funding gap: https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/fBGzge5i4hfbaQZWy/usd1000-bounty-how-effective-are-marginal-vaccine-doses?commentId=XwA8mtvK8YCob2pLK#comments

What would you like from Microcovid.org? How valuable would it be to you?

This will be a bit of a disappointing answer (sorry in advance), but I indeed think UI-space is pretty high-dimensional and that there are many things you can do that aren't just "remove options for all users". Sadly, the best I way I know of how to implement this is to just do it myself and show the result; and I cannot find the time for that this week. 

What would you like from Microcovid.org? How valuable would it be to you?

I also tried and failed to get my family to use it :( Among other things, I think they bounced off particularly hard on the massive drop-down of 10 different risk categories of ppl and various levels of being in a bubble.

I don't think the blocker here was fundamentally quantitative -- they think a bunch about personal finance and budgeting, so that metaphor made sense to them (and I actually expect this to be true for a lot of non-STEM ppl). Instead, I think UX improvements could go a long way.

What would you like from Microcovid.org? How valuable would it be to you?

I voted disagree, because at this point there have been plenty of COVID forecasting tournaments hosted by Good Judgement, Metaculus and several 3rd parties. Metaculus alone has 400 questions in the COVID category, a lot of which have 100+ predictions. I personally would find it quite easy to put together a group of forecasters with legibly good track record on COVID, but from working in this space I also do have a sense of where to start looking and who to ask.

Apply to the ML for Alignment Bootcamp (MLAB) in Berkeley [Jan 3 - Jan 22]

Do you mean that if one would like to go to such a bootcamp but thinks they won't be able to get visa in time, they should apply now to get invited to a future cohort?

Apply now -- there's a question at the end asking if you're interested in future cohorts. And you can say in the final textbox that you're not available for Round 1. 

Whole Brain Emulation: No Progress on C. elgans After 10 Years

You could imagine an experimental designs where you train worms to accomplish a particular task (i.e. learn which scent means food. If indeed they use scent. I don't know.) You then upload both trained and untrained worms. If trained uploads perform better from the get-go than untrained ones, it's some evidence it's the same worm. To make it more granular there's a lot of learning tasks from behavioural neuroscience you could adapt. 

You could also do single neuron studies: train the worm on some task, find a neuron that seems to correspond to a particular abstraction. Upload worm; check that the neuron still corresponds to the abstraction. 

Or ablation studies: you selectively impair certain neurons in the live trained worm, uploaded worm, and control worms, in a way that causes the same behaviour change only in the target individual.   

Or you can get causal evidence via optogenetics

Why not tool AI?

Jaan/Holden convo link is broken :(

($1000 bounty) How effective are marginal vaccine doses against the covid delta variant?

Following up: as a result of this thread, radvac will likely get a $100k donation (from a donor who was not considering them before). This does not fill their funding needs however, and they're looking to raise another $300k this year. 

For any interested funders, PM me and I can share detailed call notes. 

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