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The computer vision researchers just chose the wrong standard. Even the images they train on come in [pixel_position, color_channels] format.

Age limits do exist: you have to be at least 35 to run for President, at least 30 for Senator, and 25 for Representative. This automatically adds a decade or two to your candidates.

In earlier times, I spent an incredible amount of my mental capacity trying to accurately model those around me. I can count on zero hands the number of people that reciprocated. Even just treating me as real as I treated them would fit on one hand. On the other hand, nearly everyone I talk to does not have "me" as even a possibility in their model.

I've been thinking about something similar, and might write a longer post about it. However, the solution to both is to anneal on your beliefs. Rather than looking at the direct probabilities, look at the logits. You can then raise the temperature, let the population kind of randomize their beliefs, and cool it back down.

See "Solving Multiobjective Game in Multiconflict Situation Based on Adaptive Differential Evolution Algorithm with Simulated Annealing" by Li et. al.

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Perhaps "fit", from the Latin fio (come about) + English fit (fit). An object must fit, survive, and spread.

To see how much the minimal point  contributes to the integral we can integrate it in its vicinity


I think you should be looking at the entire stable island, not just integrating from zero to one. I expect you could get a decent approximation with Lie transform perturbation theory, and this looks similar to the idea of macro-states in condensed matter physics, but I'm not knowledgeable in these areas.



You have a typo, the equation after Free Energy should start with 

Also the third line should be , not minus.

Also, usually people use  for model parameters (rather than ). I don't know the etymology, but game theorists use the same letter (for "types" = models of players).

Also sometimes when I explain what a hyperphone is well enough for the other person to get it, and then we have a complex conversation, they agree that it would be good. But very small N, like 3 to 5.


It's difficult to understand your writing, and I feel like you could improve in general at communication based on this quote. The concept of a hyperphone isn't that complex---the ability to branch in conversations---so the modifiers "well enough", "complex", and "very small N" make me believe it's only complex because you're unclear.

For example, the blog post you linked to is titled "Hyperphone", yet you never define a hyperphone. I can infer from the section on streaming what you imagine, but that's the second-to-last section!

There's the automorphism

which turns a switchy distribution into a sticky one, and vice versa. The two have to be symmetric, so your conclusion cannot be correct.

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