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I am unsure about the point of this post (maybe this series in its entirety). While I usually skim most of your posts and read sections I am interested in, I have not read a single section here. What do you aim to achieve with this series?

In case its mainly for your own benefit (to organize your thoughts / mark down important info), could you add a disclaimer or a TLDR with the main information for others?

I recommend Keepass, but you might have different requirements.

This video serves as a good comparison of your options and on this website you can find a list of recommendation for password managers and other privacy/security tools.

measuring my immune system response

This seems to be the main issue in this discussion. Especially if one does not experience strong symptoms, its hard to determine what effect different levels and duration of exposure have on ones body.

IgA and IgG seem to be good indicators, but their correlation to cancer and other risk factors is poorly understood. Also, I personally am getting tested once a year for those metrics, but that would be not nearly enough to check my response to specific restaurant visits I am doing.

but not worry about cross contamination

I don't like the phrasing of this conclusion. While I do think its okay to risk some amount of cross contamination once in a while, there are certain risks you should not take from a risk/benefit analysis standpoint. For example, I will never eat gluten free pizza that is prepared in the same area as normal pizza, or eat anything that comes from the same fryer as gluten containing foods. On the other hand I will eat at Chipotle, even though some cross contamination could occur. Also, I base a lot of my judgement on the conversation with the waiter or reviews on Find Me GlutenFree.

I have not experienced strong symptoms from accidentally being exposed to gluten, but when I was diagnosed, my intestinal damage was assessed at Marsh IIIC. As far as I am aware, there seems to be no clear correlation between sensitivity and any other metrics.

On another point, avoiding long-term inflamation seems key in minimizing negative health outcomes. That means, its less harmful to accidentally eat a medium dose of gluten every once in a while compared to being exposed to trace amounts a lot.

The rate of rape in prison is almost 5% per year

The link doesn't go to the correct place.

George Mack on how to spot high agency people

The link appears to be going somewhere different than intended.

Finished the survey! I really liked it, some unexpected questions in there. I am excited for the results.

I am very interested in this project. Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate full-time, but I would like to join / visit for one week in October.

I am eager to contribute in any capacity I can during my visit, be it brainstorming, contributing ideas, or assisting a team with their project.

The Republicans are effectively pro Russia in that with all the US support, Ukraine is holding or marginally winning. Were US support reduced or not increased significantly, the outcome of this war will be the theft of a significant chunk of Ukraine by Russia, about 20 percent of the territory.

I think the framing of the question plays a big role here. If your claim was added as an implication for example, I expect the answer would look very differently. There are other issues as well, where there is bipartisan support, these were just the first two that came readily to my mind.

The issue with AI/AGI research is there are reasons for a very strong, pro AGI group to exist.

Yes, but I do not think Eliezer going on a conservative podcast and talking about the issue will increase the reasons / likelihood.

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