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It took some dedicated developer effort but not an enormous amount. “Easy” is probably too strong a term!

I will continue to cross-post most of my blog posts to LW, but the forums will evolve separate user bases and content bases.

Thanks Ben! The critiques of progress from the EA/x-risk community have been the most thoughtful, well-informed, and difficult to answer of all the ones I've heard. In the spirit of epistemic humility, I invite you to keep up the criticism.

Maybe! Although see this: https://slatestarcodex.com/2019/04/22/1960-the-year-the-singularity-was-cancelled/

Agree about tradeoffs.

Why do you think that “untouched” nature is a value “in itself”?

I enjoyed this, thanks. (But, it's hard to believe that in all those years they haven't just made anti-aging technology, so you don't have to reset every ~70 years…)

I've thought of writing a similar premise, but it involved an active checkpointing step where you get a brain scan, like a save point in a video game, and it only reset your memories and psychology, not your whole body. My first thought was that people would do extreme sports like climbing very dangerous cliffs without ropes, just checkpointing first and knowing they could easily reset if they died.

It's just a digest of my Twitter. I mostly prune it to progress-relevant stuff but sometimes I include stuff that's adjacent

Hmm, not off the top of my head—LW seems to grasp these issues at the ~99.9th percentile

The physical fact of hydrocarbons sitting in the ground is exogenous, yes. But that was true since before humans existed, so it doesn't explain progress. You need an explanation for why we didn't start using those fuels on a large scale until the 1700s or so. And the proximal explanation for that is technology.

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