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How do you deal with people cargo culting COVID-19 defense?

What you have described is a ban. It may not be a ban with criminal penalties, but "an additional sentence" in the official guidelines together with "social expectations that will reduce the amount people talk" is exactly what I was referring to when I talked about a ban on talking.

EDIT: Okay, I talked myself out of this. There is indeed a difference between a ban and a strong suggestion, and I'll allow that you intended to describe the latter.

The strength of my reaction was based on the fact that COVID-tide has already been extremely damaging to people's social lives, with many deleterious downstream effects, and inhibiting talking in trains is proposing to inflict even more damage just to shave off a handful of micro-covids. I don't think this tradeoff is remotely worth it.

How do you deal with people cargo culting COVID-19 defense?

I don't see what's so hard about saying: "Please only speak in public transport when necessary to reduce the chance of infecting other people"

I suppose it's not terribly hard to say that, but it's going to be much harder to enforce it, and will get much harder pushback. Masking by itself tedious and uncomfortable; trying to enforce a ban on talking would be horrifying and dystopian.

Covid 6/17: One Last Scare

FWIW, I think that mind uploading is much less likely to work than a purely synthetic AI, at least in reasonably near-term scenarios. I have never read any description of how mind uploading is going to work which doesn't begin by assuming that the hard part (capturing all of the necessary state from an existing mind) is already done.

If individual performance is Pareto distributed, how should we reform education?

I'm not sure that I agree with the notion that one needs to teach reasons before behaviours. When it comes to socialisation, one needs to teach the desired behaviours first, and the complicated rationale later, if at all. And we do this precisely because we DO care about outcomes: people (including highly intelligent, nerdy people; let's not flatter ourselves) are much better at applying heuristics and rules learned in early childhood than they are deriving proper action from first principles. I think that the general shape of childhood education in this matter is actually correct: first you teach people to do things because It's The Right Thing To Do; later, in an advanced course, you can break out the game theory to show how the prescription is derived.

If individual performance is Pareto distributed, how should we reform education?

They have no formal lessons on prosocial behaviours


  • How and when to say "please" and "thank you"
  • How to address and talk to police, firemen, and other public officials
  • The importance of "sharing", etc.
  • The bad of "bullying", etc.
  • How and when to write thank-you letters and other social niceties
  • Appropriate ways to talk to someone who lost a family member

These and others were all things that I recall from my grade school years. One could critique the means and content of these lessons all day, but it seems unsupportable to claim that there are no lessons on such behaviours.

(If you're autistic, your problem may be that you were taught the explicit, formal, and decontextualised rules that schools include, but failed to pick up the implicit, informal, and contextually-dependent behaviours that schools don't include.)

D&D.Sci May 2021 Evaluation and Ruleset

I just want to add how much I enjoy reading about these, even though I haven't had the time to actually participate in the puzzle-solving.

Academia as Company Hierarchy

Well, he successfully got someone other than the OP (me) to answer, thus deflecting any potential embarrassment or recrimination off of himself. I, meanwhile, don't actually care if I somehow made things awkward for the OP, so we've engaged in a mutually beneficial arbitrage of social liabilities!

Academia as Company Hierarchy

"Active Personal Life" = sex. Unless I've wildly misunderstood the OP.

Sympathy for the ferryman of Hades, or why we should keep Trump off Twitter

This title is something of a bait-and-switch. The headline talks about removing Trump from Twitter, but the actual argument presented is an argument againstTwitter in its entirety, at least as it currently exists. As far as that goes, I am in favour of keeping Trump off of Twitter if and only if it's a first step towards keeping everyone, everywhere off of twitter.

Academia as Company Hierarchy

I think you are correct in identifying the fact that Sociopaths are mostly not the be found with academia itself. Instead, I think you need to look outside of the university structure to identify the people who profit from what universities do. The main social function of the university today is to generate "expertise" and Science™, which in turn are used to legitimise political and economic power; consequently, the Sociopaths of academia are those outside the universities who take academic output and use it to turn a personal profit. So basically (a certain subset of) politicians, businessmen, and activists.

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