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[LINK] Poem: There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth.

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But Butter Goes Rancid In The Freezer

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February 27 2011 Southern California Meetup

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January 2011 Southern California Meetup

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VIDEO: The Problem With Anecdotes

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December 2010 Southern California Meetup

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Starting point for calculating inferential distance?

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Seeking book about baseline life planning and expectations

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Recent Comments

Paul, I love what you're doing here, have been thinking about this a long time. I look forward to seeing an answer and would like to write a clarifying essay full of non answers :-)

> By "get our attention" I mean: be interesting enough that we would already have noticed it and devoted some telesco...(read more)

I'm sure this day will be remembered in history as the day that LessWrong became great again!

Your experimental results might be indicative of something other than problems _merely_ within LW...

> I decided to test the hypothesis **that LessWrongers** practice weak scholarship in regards to jargon. In particular, that for many important terms the true source of knowledge has not been transm...(read more)

London, New York, and nine full time employee in the NYT media orbit... updated!

I see below that you're aiming for something like "fear in political situations,". This calls to mind, for me, things like the [triangle hypothesis](, the [Richardson arms race model]( more)

Uh... I can try to unroll the context and thinking I guess..

I think in my head I initially associated the name with childhood memories of a [vaguely Investigative TV News Program that was apparently founded in 1986](

Also, it appear...(read more)

I appreciate that you're asking at a very "high level of meta" about a controversial topic.

Also, I appreciate that you helped me to know that something had even happened. I read Scott's original art[i]( back when it was fresh, but the Robi...(read more)

Cybernetic polytheism is hard to do right, because you have to have a strong sense of cybernetics first. You need to understand and explore the center and the edges of a large scale optimization dynamic, explore the empirical details it entails, and generally get a scientific understanding of it... ...(read more)

Back in 2004-2005 (in a time I look back fondly on, because I was an OK kid) I was basically a naive techno-optimist about computers and software and AI, but I got seriously worried about [Peak Oil](,_War,_and_the_Fate_of_Industrial_Societies).

A...(read more)

I really like this comment! I think I see you calling explicit attention attention to your model of cognition, and how your own volitional mental moves interact with seemingly non-volitional mental observations you become aware of. Then you're integrating this micro-experimental data into an explana...(read more)