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I might have the same problem - I managed to log in with my lw1 password, but failed to update the password.

(The user interface for changing password is confusing so I'm not sure if I'm following the correct procedure.)

Originally the "EMAIL" field in "Edit Account"-page was empty (even I had set the recovery email before the lw1 was shut down) and clicking the "RESET PASSWORD" caused popup "Must pass". I set the "EMAIL" field and pressed the SUBMIT-button. After that clicking the "RESET PASSWORD" in "Edit Account"-page caused popup "User not found" to appear. (Nothing appears in browser console.)

Trying to log in to greaterwrong with the lw1 password caused message "LessWrong 1.0 detected, legacy password salt attached" to appear and the Username and Password fields to be erased. Trying to log in again produced the same result. Trying to use greaterwrong's reset password feature gave the same "User not found"-error.

This is expected behavior if the recovery email address was not set in the user data LW2 imported from LW1 back in September, or whatever - LW2 simply doesn't know about that email address at the moment! The LW2 devs have promised a "final import" of LW1 data, which should fix this sort of issue

I have set my recovery email four months ago (2017/11/14).

So it seems that I have to wait until I've been locked out of lw1.0 and only then I can try if I can log into lw2.0. If anything goes wrong (as it usually does with computer systems), I'll be locked out of both and so I'll be unable to communicate to the developers what went wrong. I shouldn't have to say that this is highly undesirable - users should be able to test the new system before the old system is shut down.

BTW - are you sure that you can't update software on that GNU/Linux computer?

Updating firefox seems to require (after several layers of depencies) updating udev - which requires updating kernel or it will might make the system unbootable. There are also circular depencies, changes needed to masked packages and manual configuration changes. At this point I'd need to back up my system, get a boot disk and prepare for significant donwtime. Additionaly updating firefox breaks many of the extensions that I'm using.

Now the login button opens the login popup correctly, but I still failed to reset my password.

I tried to click the "Forgot password" -> popup asks me for email -> I enter it and click "RESET YOUR PASSWORD" -> error message "User not found" appears -> I enter username instead and click "RESET YOUR PASSWORD" -> error message "Invalid email" appears. (It doesn't seem to make any difference whether I enter my username or email or nothing in the first login popup.)

In my older firefox (10.0.4 ESR) the site loads extremely slowly and consumes several gigabytes of memory (some of it is freed after loading is complete) and these errors appear in the error console:

[edited to correct formating]

If I remember correctly, the passwords were not trasferred from lw1.0 to lesserwrong - users were supposed to reset their password.

So it seems like I'm still going to be locked out.

How do I reset/recover my password in greaterwrong? Or does my old lesswrong password work there?

It looks like this is my last chance to comment before being locked out:

The new site doesn't work for me. I can't even test if my account was succesfully copied, the login button doesn't work (nothing happends when I click it). I can read articles, but expanding/collapsing comments, changing sort order or hiding/showing the menu don't work.

In the browser console I can see the error "23:32:44.521 SyntaxError: missing = in const declaration" in 168fe459c5f7f951455b85e6019b9d94a5142c29e.js:9:1210986 (I guess there are more errors, but the execution stops there).

I have an firefox 48.0.2 (and other even older browsers) on GNU/Linux and I can't easily install any newer version on my computer.

I didn't originally have my recovery email set for some time when the new site was launched, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to get a new password for the new site if and when I get a properly working computer. I might lose my account for good.

It looks like javascript is the source of this problem (and actually many other proplems others have reported in the new site). I would highly recommend testing that all essential functionality (at least: listing and reading all articles, listing and reading all comments of an article, loging in / creating accounts, writing text-only comments and articles) works with javascript completely disabled, or even better in a completely text based browser.

I suspect that tit for tat works better than grim trigger in the noisy environment of social interaction between humans. Your strategy also raises the question of how you tell lies and errors apart.

Personally I never (fully) trust anyone, but still try to treat everyone friedlily (meaning that I'll help them if it costs me little, but I won't nesessarily spend resources on them). Additionally, to protect my own trustworhiness from lies and errors of others, I try not to forward information without also telling the source (not "X is Y", but "I heard from Z that X is Y").

Hi. I'm a computer science student in Oulu University (Finland).

I don't remember exactly how I got here, but I guess some of the first posts I read were about counterarguments to religious delial of evolution.

I have been intrested in rationality (along with sciense and technology) for a long time before I found lesswrong, but back then my view of rationality was mostly that it was the opposite of emotion. I still dislike emotions - I guess that it's because they are so often "immune to reflection" (ie. persistently "out of sync" with what I know to be the right thing to do). However, I'm aware that emotions do have some information value (worse than optimal, but better than nothing) and simply removing emotions from human neuroarchitechture without other changes might result something functionally closer to a rock than a superhuman...

I'm an atheist and don't believe in non-physical entities like souls, but I still believe in eternal life. This unorthodox view is because 1) I'm a (sort of) "modal realist": I believe that every logically possible world actually physically exists (it's the simplest answer I've found to the question "Why does anything exist at all?") and 2) I don't believe in identity distinct from physical mind state, ie. if a copy was made of my mind, I could not see any way of telling which of them was "me"/"original", even if one of them was implemented in completely different hardware and/or was separated by large distance/time from my previous position in space-time. The result is that as long as there is a logically possible "successor" mind-state to my current mind-state, "I" will continue to experience "being".

I'm intrested in politics, but I hope not to become mind-killed by it (or worse: already being mind-killed). If someone is intrested in knowing my political views and is not conserned of killing their mind, I put a short summary here in ROT13: V'z terravfu sne yrsg yvoreny/nanepuvfg, ntnvafg pbclevtug (nf vg pheeragyl vf) naq ntnvafg chavfuzragf. V unir nyfb (gbb znal gb erzrzore ng bapr be yvfg urer) bgure fznyyre aba-znvafgernz cbyvgvpny vqrnf.

I think I'm much better at epistemic rationality than instrumental rationality. I'm bad at getting things done. I'm a pessimist and usually think the bad side of things first, although I'm able to find the good side too if I deliberately search for it. I sometimes make a joke about it: "I'm a pessimist, therefore I'm - unfortunately - more likely than average to be correct."

I have asperger syndrome and I'm suffering from quite bad OCD. I hope to be able to improve my rationality so that one day I'll be able to write an article about "how rationality cured my OCD"...

I don't want to lie to anyone, but I don't think I'm morally required to say out loud everything I know. However because of many hidden assumptions in human language it is sometimes hard to find words that convey partial information, but not false information. Also in many social situations people are expected to lie and figuring out what to say without lying or causing unnecessary anger is non-trivial. For these reasons I can't clain to be a perfect non-liar, although I try to. Am I hypocritical in this? - I don't know.

I have problems at writing text, or to be more specific, figuring out what to write. I think of many different ways of converting my thoughts into text, but they all seem wrong in some way or another, so it takes a long time for me to write nothing and I likely give up. This applies to this post also - I started writing it for the previous welcome thread, and then gave up when the welcome thread started getting old and inactive. So I apologise if reply slowly or not at all. I hope that improving my rationality will help me in this problem also.

I've been lurking here for some years now and also had an account for a couple of years. I have several ideas for posts of my own. I don't know if I ever get to post them, but I at least want to get rid of the trivial inconvience of the karma barrier.

Because there seems to be very smart people here in much greater consentration than in my everyday life, I expect that there may be significant shifts in my views resulting from conversations with you (many changes have already happened just because of reading lesswrong); nothing in this message should be considered as permanet.