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April 15, 2040

This was a fun read! Thanks for writing it!

Notes on Robert McIntyre’s Brain Preservation Talk at the Long Now Foundation

You're welcome, Charlie!

Yes, I would love to interview him and find out.

Better air is the easiest way not to die

Yes, I had the exact same experience. I was happy to see it works but it can be kind of annoying because it's the loudest right when we're going to eat or watch something.

Core Pathways of Aging

Thanks for writing this up! We need more people thinking about how to defeat aging. 

Curious if you've read Nintil's posts?

"If You're Not a Holy Madman, You're Not Trying"

Thanks for writing this out. I'm more sympathetic to Nate Soares view and wish more rationalists would take action on their beliefs and this is useful to point to the distinction that exists.

How to Improve Your Sleep

I asked a sleep doc this:
"I’ve read a lot of advice about using the bed just for sleep and sex. I’m wondering if there’s actually some special reason why sex is an exception or if it’s just to be pragmatic (you don’t think people will actually refrain from using their beds for sex)?"

He said this:
"Good question. You’re right that it’s not about sex itself. Just that sex doesn’t really seem to interfere with the bed/sleep conditioning process. It (usually) does not take hours and hours like tossing and turning. Plus, there are reasons it may enhance ability to sleep..."

The Power of Annealing

Mike Johnson's article might interest you!

What could be done with RNA and DNA sequencing that's 1000x cheaper than it's now?

That talk is one of my favorites ever and so inspiring. Upvoting for actually doing the exercise!

Trivial inconveniences as an antidote to akrasia

I find that trivial inconveniences become less powerful the more I go through the routine of overcoming them. For example, I delete apps and re-install them and am now used to the process so while it still helps it's become less of an inconvenience now that I'm acclimatized to the process. It seems good to try to reduce/get acclimated to trivial inconveniences that stop us from doing useful things and try to increase them for non-optimal things (and also beware starting a routine of getting used to them).

The mailbox thing is a really interesting idea (provided it doesn't get messed up by the postal worker trying to fit a package in there and dropping it)!

Your mom and you might be interested in this as well if you didn't know about it:

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