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Help the Brain Preservation Foundation

I'm doing what I can to ensure they win O:)

Post ridiculous munchkin ideas!

This works. Donating blood seems to improve insulin sensitivity.

Want to help me test my Anki deck creation skills?

Ping - did this ever happen? I'm looking for good examples of anki decks for book summaries before I start creating my own.

Post ridiculous munchkin ideas!

Do you have better suggestions?

Post ridiculous munchkin ideas!

It'll take time to adapt, and is generally much easier if you are eating a low carb diet.

Post ridiculous munchkin ideas!

Specifically, get these if you dont wear glasses or these if you do. I've read the wavelength charts for these, and know they block the specific wavelengths of blue light that we care about for melatonin.

Post ridiculous munchkin ideas!

Intermittent fasting solves a number of these issues...

Post ridiculous munchkin ideas!

My dad changed his name when he became a citizen...and got sufficiently annoyed at the hassle that he changed his name back. Note - this wasn't a major name change, he changed it from "Amarjit Singh Jolly" to "Jolly Amarjit Singh"

Meetup : Austin, TX - HPMoR Wrap Party

How many people come to this? I'll be in town for the weekend (Infosec Southwest), so might be able to stop by.

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