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Btw, if you care a lot about noise, you can 

1) get ultra long display cables (ruipro), can get 144hz 4k support 100ft+ no problem, and just put your PC elsewhere.  I personally just swap cables, to move my work setup between my sitting multimon workstation, to my standing treadmill desk, to my TV, to my couch PC setup.  

2) If you are crazy like me, multiroom water cooling is an option as well. 


FYI you have to specifically enable multithreading for excel/libreoffice.  

You'd be surprised how resource intensive displaying a webpage can be, esp if that webpage is more like 12 trading charts.  

Agreed with getting high single thread performance vs the threadripper (fwiw I have a 3995wx, so I've tested it as a desktop)

Higher memory incase you want to run VM's.  

Answer by JollyJul 12, 202230
  1. Nvidia/Windows tends to not do well with 4 monitors, (this could apply specifically to 4 4k 144hz monitors). Had a bunch of reliability issues esp with returning from standby.    3 works great.  I've yet to try multiple gpus, I instead run two pc's.   If you care less about gaming I'd get the Nvidia a2000, It's basically a prebinned rtx 3060 with ecc, and lower power usage)  Likely would run 4 monitors at high framerates, but I have not tested it yet.  
  2. Figure out if you are likely to notice a high framerate monitor, and if so get high framerate displays.  Your best bang for buck in 4k's (Assuming you care about latency and resolution and less about gaming or HDR) is the gigabyte m28u or m32. (28inch vs 32)  If you want smaller LG has a few, LGGN950 i believe.  Keep in mind heat output, 5 of these at 4k 144hz will draw about 200w of power.  
  3. I'd get the 12900k or ks not the KF, so you get the added flexibility of the iGPU. KS is the prebinned intel OC'ed version of the K/KF.  
  4. Your money is absolutely no object upgrade is an optane p5800x for your OS.  It's an enterprise drive with ridiculously low latency, makes your desktop usage much snappier.  I had a 905p previously, probably just as good in practice.
  5. Quiet is all based on ambient temps and cooling.  Keep in mind modern processors do a great job of boosting their speed if they have thermal headroom.  Your best bang for buck option is to use an arctic liquid freezer ii AIO, as big as you are comfortable with.   High end is custom water cooling loops.  

(My current main desktop is a 12900ks, 128gb ram, 3090, p5800x.  previous was a 5950x)


Feel free to msg me if you want to discuss further.  


I'm doing what I can to ensure they win O:)


This works. Donating blood seems to improve insulin sensitivity.


Ping - did this ever happen? I'm looking for good examples of anki decks for book summaries before I start creating my own.


Do you have better suggestions?


It'll take time to adapt, and is generally much easier if you are eating a low carb diet.


Specifically, get these if you dont wear glasses or these if you do. I've read the wavelength charts for these, and know they block the specific wavelengths of blue light that we care about for melatonin.

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