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Maybe I am weird but I don`t want to seem like a cynic.

How long does a depression usually last? Is it a matter of weeks or months? Depression really creates a game of chess (not in a cynical sense). Does oneself run into it, or is it in one`s genes?

It really slows down ones capabilities to keep going ones daily routine. Sometimes "stupid teenagers" are sad for no particular reason. Sometimes "stupid teenagers" are sad because of particular reasons.

I was not bluffing with that "earthjump", if someone supports this project with knowledge and wisdom, I would be happy to jump and I am sure there are other scientists who would also like to participate. I only have a minor number of skydives so far. But I did not hesitate on my first skydive. I was very happy about that because no hesitation did not save me from fear.

Is it possible to build a lighter structure of the suits (maybe with nano-technology)? More freedom of movement during free fall phase even though one extra parachute is added to the suit would it make it less frightful.

What are the overall costs for a save completion of this product?

30 million euro?

Whould the environment be harmed, if we created this product?

Whould the product increase the possibility of roi?

Is Woody Allen volunteering to jump?

Could science gain knowledge with a re-enactment of Kittinger`s "Earthjump" ?

Is the possible knowledged to be gained in such a re-enactment worth the worktime and investment of 30 million euro?

“Samadhi!” , answers Simple Jack but in his eyes is no enlightenment. He does not understand the full meaning of the teisho. “I only get it intellectually, but I don`t feel it.” , he says.

He has read all about Schopenhauer`s Philosophy and this did no enlighten him either.

He once asked a monk what the meaning of Buddha was.

"Mu" the monk replied.

Simple Jack realized that he could never understand "Mu" and this did certainly not enlighten him either...