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[Event]SSC Meetups Everywhere: Sacramento, CA1730 L Street, Sacramento2019 Sep 22nd
[Event]SSC Sacramento Meetup2101 Broadway, Sacramento2019 Jun 15th
[Event]SSC Sacramento Meetup1249 Howe Avenue, Sacramento2019 Apr 8th

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SSC Meetups Everywhere: Sacramento, CA

Oh okay, then yours is definitely superior. Good thing it's mine now.

SSC Meetups Everywhere: Sacramento, CA

Hi, there's a post for this meetup already.

It's here:

But I guess this one is more official.

Is there a source/market for LW-related t-shirts?

What are you planning to make? What did you like from what you tried?

SSC Sacramento Meetup

Thanks, the page was causing my computer to freeze. I tried editing it twice.

[LINK] Why I'm not on the Rationalist Masterlist

Where can we talk about it? He has comments turned off.

Open thread, September 2-8, 2013

Nooooo, I've been saying it wrong in my head the whole time.

Useful Habits Repository

Also, if you're going to put something somewhere that's not in its place, put it in a place that you'll HAVE to clean soon. I had a lot of success putting all my school-related stuff on my bed throughout the day in high school because I was guaranteed to pack it all up into my backpack because I had to use the bed to sleep.

Open thread, September 2-8, 2013

How do you pronounce "Yvain"?

Open thread, August 12-18, 2013

That's interesting, because I think I usually refrain from vengeance by default, but I do try to like ... limit further interaction and stuff. Maybe that's similar.

The way I was thinking about it is that there's an internal feelings component -- like, do you still feel sad and hurt and angry? Then there's the updating on evidence component -- are they likely to do that or similar things again? And then there's also a behavioral piece, where you change something in the way you act towards/around them (and I'm not sure if vengeance or just running awaaay both count?) So I wasn't sure which combination of those were part of "forgiveness" in common usage. It sounds like you're saying internal + behavioral, right?

Open thread, August 12-18, 2013

Does anyone have a working definition of "forgiveness"? Given that definition, do you find it to be a useful thing to do?

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