I think some of the sayings that come from LW and surrounding community would work well on t-shirts. I would both be interested in making and buying them.

  • Is there already a source of such t-shirts?
  • If not, is there interest?
  • What is the best platform for these t-shirts?
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I have a t-shirt that says “World domination is such an ugly phrase, I prefer world Optimization” with a really cool design, and a separate t-shirt that says “Optimise everything” with a picture of a galaxy, and use to have a third t-shirt that says “Probably a member of the Bayesian Conspiracy”. I think Ray also has a t-shirt that just says “Belief As Attire” which I think is excellent.

I got my t-shirts from the people who made PrettyRational.com, but I think it’s shut down now.

We’re planning to make LW t-shirts at LW (have tried some already that I don’t like).

What are you planning to make? What did you like from what you tried?

CFAR T-Shirts and Effective Altruism T-Shirt seems to be the closest for people who want to signal rational tribe allegiance.