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We are in the front patio! Look for a janky blue sign and an orange jacket.


Hello, we decided we didn't want to risk even 40% chance of rain so we're changing the venue.

VENUE CHANGE: We're going to Urban Roots!

 1322 V Street Sacramento, CA, 95818 United States

Hope to see you guys there!

Oh okay, then yours is definitely superior. Good thing it's mine now.

Hi, there's a post for this meetup already.

It's here:

But I guess this one is more official.

What are you planning to make? What did you like from what you tried?

Thanks, the page was causing my computer to freeze. I tried editing it twice.


Where can we talk about it? He has comments turned off.


Nooooo, I've been saying it wrong in my head the whole time.


Also, if you're going to put something somewhere that's not in its place, put it in a place that you'll HAVE to clean soon. I had a lot of success putting all my school-related stuff on my bed throughout the day in high school because I was guaranteed to pack it all up into my backpack because I had to use the bed to sleep.


How do you pronounce "Yvain"?

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