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I think the "changed my mind" Delta should be have varied line widths, like https://thenounproject.com/icon/delta-43529/ (reads too much like "triangle" to me at the moment).


Curated. I am excited about many more distillations and expositions of relevant math on the Alignment Forum. There are a lot of things I like about this post as a distillation:

  • Exercises throughout. They felt like they were simple enough that they helped me internalise definitions without disrupting the flow of reading.
  • Pictures! This post made me start thinking of finite factorisations as hyperrectangles, and histories as dimensions that a property does not extend fully along.
  • Clear links from Finite Factored Sets to Pearl. I think these are roughly the same links made in the original, but they felt clearer and more orienting here.
  • Highlighting which of Scott's results are the "main" results (even more than the "Fundamental Theorem" name already did).
  • Magdalena Wache's engagement in the comments.

I do think the pictures became less helpful to me towards the end, and I thus have worse intuitions about the causal inference part. I'm also not sure about the emphasis of this post on causal rather than temporal inference. But I still love the post overall.

What do you mean by "its outputs are the same as its conclusions"? If I had to guess I would translate it as "PA proves the same things as are true in every model of PA". Is that right?

samples fully weighted from the unconditional generative model are boring natural texture patterns

Different results here: https://twitter.com/summerstay1/status/1579759146236510209

Why better than in-person? Because of commute times, because of people being in spaces adapted to their own preferences, something else?

Seems like the "year" column is missing(?) from the records

OP writes that there have been no big cooperation wins, so a fortiori, there have been no big cooperation wins with the countries you mention.

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