Covid 6/24: The Spanish Prisoner

With respect to [1], "now" would be a good time for someone to kill him given that it might have been much easier to do while he was in custody. (Your un-numbered follow-up about locals being responsible for killing him seems as plausible as anything else!)

Covid 6/17: One Last Scare


I'm still not sure what to think as an outsider, but I appreciate the details you shared.

With respect to the "extortion" specifically, I'd (charitably) expect that MIRI is somewhat constrained by their funders and advisors with respect to settling a (potential) lawsuit, i.e. making a "pay out to extortion".

I still think all of this, even if it's true (to any significant extent), isn't an overwhelming reason not to support MIRI (at all), given that they do seem to be doing good technical work.

Is there another organization that you think is doing similarly good work without being involved in the same kind of alleged bad behavior?

Covid 6/17: One Last Scare


Do you know the person that wrote that post? Or anyone else supposedly involved in the events it describes? I'm not sure I could adjudicate the claims in that post, for my own judgement, given my remove from everyone supposedly involved.

I'm also still unsure how any of that, assuming it's true, should be weighed against the 'official' work MIRI has done or is doing. Surely AI safety has to be balanced against those (unrelated) claims somehow, as terrible as they are (or might be), and as terrible as it is to think about 'balancing' these 'costs' and (potential) 'benefits'.

Some of the claims in that post also aren't obviously terrible to me, e.g. MIRI reaching a legal settlement with someone that 'blackmailed' them.

And if the person "Ziz" mentioned in the post is the same person I'm thinking of, I'm really confused as to what to think about the other claims, given the conflicting info about them I've read.

The post quotes something (about some kind of recollection of a conversation) about "a drama thing" and all of this seems very much like "a drama thing" (or several such 'drama things') and it's really hard to think of any way for me, or anyone not involved, or even anyone that is or was involved, to determine with any confidence what's actually true about whatever it is that (may have) happened.

Covid 6/17: One Last Scare

Why do you think support MIRI isn't a good use of money?

Who wants to run a B2B SaaS startup?

I am (weakly) interested, but more curious than seriously intrigued.

I've found I have pretty strong personal preferences about, e.g. which types of businesses make for satisfying customers, what technology is interesting and satisfying to work with, and what other kinds of demands/needs are required or warranted for the business itself.

I'd also be more interested in a 'slow burn' (like a 'lifestyle' business) than a 'SV/VC-backed hockey stick trajectory to unicorn heaven' business.

Which rationalists faced significant side-effects from COVID-19 vaccination?

it made me relatively lethargic and very eager to do things

Lethargic and eager or did you mean "not very eager"?

Which rationalists faced significant side-effects from COVID-19 vaccination?

I received the Moderna vaccine.

I didn't note any side effects after the first shot, except maybe some mild soreness around the injection site, and, if that, delayed about a day from when I received the shot.

But I had pretty noticeable side effects from the second shot – significant fatigue/lethargy, muscle aches, and general 'crumminess', and for about two days afterwards.

But, per your criteria, I had no "significant side-effects".

Problem Solving with Mazes and Crayon

This is totally cruel nerd sniping by-the-way :)

Problem Solving with Mazes and Crayon

Does "reach orbit" mean put something in orbit or put a human being (and not kill them)? The latter seems pretty hard to do, practically, with current technology, without using rockets (to at least setup an 'efficient' system initially).

(Would you link to some spoilers? I'm curious what you have in mind as solutions!)

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