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Hm, I think this tool would've been really helpful for me in the past for a couple of occasions. Usually if I want to save a cell output, I just won't edit that cell and I'll create a new one, even if it means redundant code. 

Also +1 on keeping track of bugs! I should've added to the og post that one thing I do that's really helpful for me is keeping track of procedural knowledge (i.e. how to setup a GPU, how to fix common issue X, etc.) in a personal Slack that I've created as a second brain basically. I found that I used the message-yourself-in-slack feature a lot to keep track of small notes for myself, and since I did it so much, I created a whole private, personal Slack and that's been pretty useful in keeping track of bugs, etc.

Yes! Especially if you show you have can provide relevant thoughts about their work, a lot of people will be happy to call or at least reply to some questions via email