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[ACX Linkpost] Prospectus on Próspera

I'd bet a decent amount of money into this project not working out (depending on the metric of "not working out")

What weird beliefs do you have?

Not sure if it counts as a "weird belief" but I am an anarchist for relatively "usual" reasons.

I believe Plants, Fungi and even inanimate objects experience consciousness (to some extent). Consciousness is, probably, an intrinsic property of matter and it exists throughout the physical universe in some form.

Recommendation for a good international event betting site like predictit.org

As far as reliability goes, consider that PM are a very new thing, so I recommend you use precaution with all of them for the time being.

Augur is working but last time I checked transaction fees were pretty high, so volume/liquidity was very small, it should improve in the near future especially if Ethereum transition to PoS (I also plan to start trading on Augur). 

I heard you can sometimes trade events on sites like BetFair.

Other current/upcoming Predicion Markets not limited to the U.S. are:






The tech left behind

Could you cite any? Or at least point me at some research/source on the subject?

Shittests are actually good

What do you think about "Mate"?

Why haven't we celebrated any major achievements lately?

I think very few people celebrate scientific/technical achievements. Those people weren't celebrating the achievement per se, but their country/nation or perhaps the individual(s) who did that. Feelings of national (and sometimes even individual) pride are becoming more and more politically incorrect; so as the sense of belonging fades away people also celebrate less and less

The Basic Double Crux pattern

Is there any online community where people can practice DC that you would recommend?

I see. With regard to your post and the origin of the black hole "pic", do you believe that applying the same pipeline to random images or even noise would generate a similar result?

Thanks for the interesting read. I absolutely lack the background to comment on your conclusions, but your post made me remember some questions I had on Black Holes that no physicist I talked to could answer, I never would have guessed the field had detractors.

If you don't mind me asking, are you also a climate change skeptic?

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