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Lots of ideas here. They only seem to work if God is primarily concerned about fairness on earth. What if God is not so concerned about our circumstance as He in our response to circumstance. After all, He has an eternal perspective, while our perspective is limited by what we see of life. If this were true, then earth, and our existence, are like a big machine designed specifically to sort out the few good from the bad. Being raised in an Orthodox Jewish family, I’m sure you encountered countless examples in the bible where bad stuff happened to good people. This is no great revelation of truth – it’s plainly obvious, so the authors of the bible obviously had no problem reconciling this dilemma, countless Jews and Christians have no difficulty reconciling these facts. They’re probably not all idiots or wishful thinkers, so perhaps they understand a perspective that you have not considered. Maybe God doesn’t settle all accounts on your time table, but rather His. Maybe your values (and mine) do not perfectly align with a perfect God –so who then should change? I completely understand why people spend their lives praying to God, searching for understanding, proselytizing to slammed doors. I cannot fathom why an atheist (an authentic atheist) would waste a moment of their precious short life writing endlessly on something they believe to be pure fiction. As for me, I’ll keep praying.