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I've also been looking for posts like this, slapdash as you may feel it is (but well-organized!) I have been considering going to an outdoor cookout including our <10yo kids where maybe 25% of the adults are vaccine-hesitant and won't have masks. microCOVID didn't seem to have enough options for me to model this type of group, but I just realized I could do a calculation by only including the number of people likely to be unvaccinated. We decided to go with our kids masked (either surgical or filtered) and distanced, but it's a big step as the first event we will have attended outside our bubble.

I'm not the above person, but I've been homeschooling mine for a few years. I don't know how common that is among LessWrong users, and I'm new here, but I can try to answer questions / otherwise contribute if it would be helpful. (I have no experience with forest school, though.)

I value being able to choose curricula and methods. I love learning and relearning aspects of every subject along with the kids. I would not want to try to teach a classroom of other people's children, but working with my own has been great so far.

Hello; just joined; working through the Library. I appreciate the combination of high standards and welcoming tone. I'm a homeschooling (pre-Covid-19) parent in the US South, so among other things I'm looking forward to finding thoughts here on education for children.

I found Slate Star Codex before LessWrong and hope this doxxing/outing situation works out safely.