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Hi, I am a Physicist, an Effective Altruist and AI Safety student/researcher.

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Ah, ok. I did not pick up on that. Thanks for clarifying.

The EA SummerCamp takes place the next weekend

I've not been to any of these, but would like to. Is there any info up yet for this years EA SummerCamp?

Second part being "there will be an AISC10"?

Very sure. 

As long as me and Remmelt are still alive and healthy a couple of months from now, then we're doing it.

Remmelt have organised 8 previous AISCs, I've been part of 3 of those. We know what we are doing. We know we can rely on each other, and we want to do this.

We just needed to make sure we have money to live and eat and such, before we could commit to running a next camp. But we have received the money now, so that's all good. Manifund have sent us the money, it's in our bank accounts. 

I'll bet anyone who like, that there will be an AISC10 at 1:10 odds in your favour. I'm much more confident that that, but if you give me worse odds, then I don't think can be bothered about it.

I disagree. In verbal space MARS and MATS are very distinct, and they look different enough to me.

However, if you want to complain, you should talk to the organisers, not one of the participants.

Here is their website: MARS — Cambridge AI Safety Hub

(I'm not involved in MARS in any way.)

I've now updated the event information to include summaries/abstracts for the projects/talks. Some of these are still under construction.

Ok, you're right that this is a very morally clear story. My bad for not knowing what's typical tabloid storry.

Missing kid = bad,
seems like a good lesson for AI to learn.

I don't read much sensationalist tabloid, but my impression is that the things that get a lot of attention in the press, is things people can reasonable take either side of.

Scott Alexander writes about how everyone agrees that factory framing is terrible, but exactly because this overwhelming agreement, it get's no attention. Which is why PETA does outrageous things to get attention.

The Toxoplasma Of Rage | Slate Star Codex

There need to be two sides to an issue, or else no-one gets ingroup loyalty points for taking one side or the other. 

Their more human-in-the-loop stuff seems neat though.

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