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AGI Ruin: A List of Lethalities

I vehemently disagree here, based on my personal and generalizable or not history. I will illustrate with the three turning points of my recent life.

First step: I stumbled upon HPMOR, and Eliezer way of looking straight into the irrationality of all our common ways of interacting and thinking was deeply shocking. It made me feel like he was in a sense angrily pointing at me, who worked more like one of the PNJ rather than Harry. I heard him telling me you're dumb and all your ideals of making intelligent decisions, being the gifted kid and being smarter than everyone are all are just delusions. You're so out of touch with reality on so many levels, where to even start.

This attitude made me embark on a journey to improve myself, read the sequences, pledge on Giving What we can after knowing EA for many years, and overall reassess whether I was striving towards my goal of helping people (spoiler: I was not).

Second step:  The April fools post also shocked me on so many levels. I was once again deeply struck by the sheer pessimism of this figure I respected so much. After months of reading articles on LessWrong and so many about AI alignment, this was the one that made me terrified in the face of the horrors to come.

Somehow this article, maybe by not caring about not hurting people, made me join an AI alignment research group in Berlin. I started investing myself into the problem, working on it regularly, diverting my donations towards effective organizations in the field. It even caused me to publish my first bit of research on preference learning.

Third step: Today this post, by not hiding any reality of the issue and striking a lot of ideas down that I was relying on for hope, made me realize I was becoming complacent. Doing a bit of research in the weekend is the way to be able to say “Yeah I participated in solving the issue” once it's solved, not making sure it is in fact solved.

Therefore, based on my experience, not a lot of works made me significantly alter my life decisions. And those who did are all strangely ranting, smack-in-your-face works written by Eliezer.

Maybe I'm not the audience to optimize for to solve the problem, but on my side, I need even more smacks in the face, breaking you fantasy style posts.

Less Wrong Community Weekend 2022

Regarding the schedule, when does the event start on friday and end of monday ? I would like to already book my trip to take advantage of low prices.

AI Safety Berlin Kickoff Meetup

I would love to go, and was pondering quite hard whether to try other people interested in this endeavour in Berlin. Sadly I am not available this weekend. Can I join on saturday 30th without going to the first one ?

How can I determine that Elicit is not some weak AGI's attempt at taking over the world ?

Thank you for the reply. I know that worry is unnecessary, I was rather asking about what you would do if you didn't know for a fact that it was indeed based on GPT-3, or that humans were effectively overseeing it, to determine whether it is an unsafe AGI trying to manipulate humans using it ?

I know that no one could detect a super intelligent AGI trying to manipulate them, but I think it's can be non-obvious that a sub human AGI is trying to manipulate you if you don't look for it.

Primarily, I think that currently, no one uses AI systems with the expectation that it could try to deceive them, so they don't apply the basic level of doubt you put in every human when you don't know their intentions.

Open & Welcome Thread December 2021

Thank you for the heads-up ! I joined the meetup group and i am looking forward to new events :)

Open & Welcome Thread December 2021

Hello everyone ! My name is Lucie, and I am studying computer science. I'm fascinated by this website and started binge reading the sequences after finishing reading HPMOR. With all the information I was exposed to on this website during the last week, I am hyped and thinking frantically about how can all of this change my life goals.

However, I know that for me only reading more and more post, and getting more and more information will only sustain me for a while. When my hype die down, I think I will not be as motivated as right now into reading posts if I don't find a way to tie it to my life more than pure curiosity.

I think I need to fill at least a bit part of a community and tie it into my social life to keep my interest for long enough. Therefore, I'm making this comment, and asking you how to meet some people from this community, either online or offline.

Right now, I'm a bit lost as to what is the next step for me in this journey. I don't know whether the lack of explicit way of getting into the community is an intentional filter for people with enough intrinsic motivation to continue learning on their own for a long time ? Is there a will for new active members, whatever that means ?

So anyway, if you want to help me, to chat or to meet in Berlin, feel free to reply or to send me a message !