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TIL that the expected path a new user of LW is expected to follow, according to, is to become comfortable with commenting regularly in 3-6 month, and comfortable with posting regularly in 6-9 month. I discovered the existence of shortforms. I (re)discovered the expectation that your posts should be treated as a personal blog medium style ?

As I'm typing this I'm still unsure whether I'm destroying the website with my bad shortform, even though the placeholder explicitly said... (\*right click inspect\*)

Write your thoughts here! What have you been thinking about?
Exploratory, draft-stage, rough, and rambly thoughts are all welcome on Shortform.

I'm definitely rambling ! Look ! I'm following the instructions !

I feel like a "guided tour of LW" is missing when joining the website ? Some sort if premade path to get up to speed on "what am I supposed and allowed to do as a user of LW, except reading posts ?". Could take some inspiration from Duolingo, Brilliant, or any other app trying to get a user past the initial step of interacting with the content ?

Yesterday, I was searching for posts by alignment researchers describing how they got into the field. I was searching specifically for personal stories rather than guides on how other people can get into the field.

I was trying to perform Intuition flooding, by reading lots of accounts, and getting intuitions on which techniques work to enter the field.

I only managed to find three which fit somewhat my target:

Neel Nanda's post was the central example of what I was looking for, and I was surprised to not find more. Does anyone know where I can find more posts like this ?

I think this is a good thing to do! I reccomend looking up things like "reflections on my LTFF upskilling grant" for similar pieces from lesser known researchers / aspiring researchers.