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Intermittent Distllations
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I'd be interested to see the rest of this list, if you're willing to share.

Rogue AGI Embodies Valuable Intellectual Property

Yeah, I'm really not sure how the monopoly -> non-monopoly dynamics play out in practice. In theory, perfect competition should drive the cost to the cost of marginal production, which is very low for software. I briefly tried getting empirical data for this, but couldn't find it, plausibly since I didn't really know the right search terms.

An Intuitive Guide to Garrabrant Induction

both of those sections draw from section 7.2 of the original paper

An Intuitive Guide to Garrabrant Induction

Yes, and there will always exist such a trader.

How refined is your art of note-taking?

It’s based on bullet points, which I find helpful. It also lets me reference other notes I’ve taken.

I like the idea of question notes. Thanks for the tip!

How refined is your art of note-taking?

The particular technology stack I use for notes on reading is {Instapaper, PDF Expert on iPad} -> Readwise -> Roam Research -> Summarize it.

To answer your specific questions:

  1. If I plan on summarizing, I tend to only highlight important bits. I write down any connections I make with other concepts. Readwise reminds me of 15 highlights I've taken in the past per day, which I've been doing for about half a year. I'm not sure if it's helpful, but the time cost is low, so I continue.

  2. Sometimes if I want to know what I thought about specific posts. If it's just high-level concepts, I'll generally just skim the relevant material. If I find myself looking something up more than twice, I'll put it into anki.

  3. No, but I only really study technical things. I find it difficult to summarize/remember history, plausibly because I don't change the way I take notes.

  4. Roam Research seems pretty good. RemNote is similar and incorporates more spaced repetition. SuperMemo allows one to create flashcards as they read (readwise does something similar, but the functionality is worse, I think [I've never used SuperMemo, but plan to try it]).

  5. Attention, future reference, and comprehension are all goals. The primary goal seems to be forcing connections with other ideas and forcing myself to have an opinion about what I'm reading at all.

Can you be more specific?

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