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Gendlin has an incredible richness when he speaks, in intonation, inflection, pacing, etc. that he uses to establish the mindset and gesture at the desired mental motions. This made it very easy to learn the skill, and I think I would not have gotten much out of the raw text alone.

I have a family history of PC gaming, and we have done the " roll of cable, jacks, and crimper" method in every house I have lived in. If you want to avoid holes, you can run the cables on the floor along wall, and they will fit under most doors without impeding opening. another option is to put all your holes in the floors or ceilings of closets.

Re: Skills that can be learned in fast feedback loops via app: Basketball shooting, especially free throw shooting, depends on a small number of variables, with release angle being the most important(optimal release angle gives the widest range of acceptible velocities). There is an iphone app that tracks shots with compiter vision and gives you all these numbers.