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I like letting go completely, but I have tricks in case I need to use them in dire scenarios. For instance my friend henri was thought looping quite badly a couple of weeks ago. I was able to get him on a bike and moving and calmed him down almost immediately due to his large muscle memory in that regard. Role play control is just a fancy way of getting someone into a familiar role while they are in an unfamiliar mental state to help them relax and let go. I have trip sat many times sober and many times while tripping on low doses and each time I have found it easier to help people with overly intense experiences using that technique. The last time I completely let go on a trip I was on ~5g of mushies and I thought I was having a heart attack at one point but it was quite enlightening and I experienced ego-loss like never before. I can definitely support the mindset of ensuring a good set in setting I just also accept the occasional need for dealing with people tripping too hard to be quiet.

Basically... You dont need someone you trust until you start doubting yourself and losing control. Role-playing is just a technique of letting your body play a role instead of losing that control. Thanks for the response :)

What tricks do you use to control yourself while tripping when you dont have people you trust to help you? I have a inkling that the reason I have a harder time teaching role play control to girls is somewhat to do with gender roles but insofar I've failed at deducing why.

This made me 100x happier about our first interaction at the Irvine meetup with Yvain and co... Fanfiction chatting cooler than all other types of chattery :)

I just felt like the speed of my answer should still be of some benefit, and I wasn't aware that you had gained the knowledge of its existence in the month hence your previous comment.

Well its supposed to be quite rationalist and quite awesome. Im only about 12-15 chapters in and my brothers Fallout :equestria boardgame already fascinates me

It wasnt bad Eneasz. Honestly, I will try to sing it some day and it will be way worse than yours but less awkward because I am not making the coolest thing ever for the rest of the interwebz trust me xD anyway tell Hermione shes AWESOME for me.

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