Fix my Friends Head

by MatthewBaker1 min read26th Nov 20118 comments


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I may not have the community Karma of our dear Alicorn to make a top level post asking about a dear friend of mines illness that so far has remain undiagnosed but I would appreciate any discussion level support on these Symptoms.

She has high white blood cell and neutrophil count and low lymphocytes, akaline phosphatase and sodium.
One doctor says this is iron deficient anemia
She is on antidepressants.
She gets digestion problems and muscle and joint issues and she fees she has terrible memory and impaired learning
She's very sensitive to temperature as well and her bones start to hurt and joints as well as her chest.
She feels like she's always had eating problems but lately its been getting worse and she's started throwing up.
She always wakes up with body aches and/or cramps and air bubbles in her chest (pressure).

I submit to your collective donated wisdom and google-fu for mine has failed me.

I appreciate all your kind rebuttals mixed with your useful theories. She is currently being treated for iron deficient anemia and she will continue seeking help from medical professionals as well as random friends who have people to ask :)