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Toby and Elon did today what I was literally suggesting:

@starship006, @Zack_M_Davis, @lc, @Nate Showell do you all disagree with Toby's tweet?

Should the EA and Rationality movement not signal-boost Toby's tweet?

Elon further signal boosts Toby's post

I see your point, and I agree. But I'm not advocating for sabotaging research.

I'm talking about admonishing a corporation for cutting corners and rushing a launch that turned out to be net negative.

Did you retweet this tweet like Eliezer did?

If not, is it because you didn't want to publicly sabotage research?

Do you agree or disagree with this twitter thread?

Are you saying that you're unsure if the launch of the chatbot was net positive?

I'm not talking about propaganda. I'm literally saying "signal boost the accurate content that's already out there showing that Microsoft rushed the launch of their AI chatbot making it creepy, aggressive, and misaligned. Showing that it's harder to do right than they thought"

Eleizer (and others) retweeted content admonishing Microsoft, I'm just saying we should be doing more of that.

I felt I was saying "Simulacrum Level 1: Attempt to describe the world accurately."

The AI was rushed, misaligned, and not a good launch for its users. More people need to know that. It's literally already how NYT and others are describing it (accurately) I'm just suggesting signal boosting that content.

We're at the pizza place off the green "A Legna"

Looks like the rain will stop before 2 pm. So we can meet up at the green and then decide if we want to head somewhere else.

I'm also on a team trying to build impact certificates/retroactive public goods funding and we are receiving a grant from an FTX Future Fund regrantor to make it happen!

If you're interested in learning more or contributing you can:

  • Read about our ongoing $10,000 retro-funding contest (Austin is graciously contributing to the prize pool)
  • Submit an EA Forum Post to this retro-funding contest (before July 1st)
  • Join our Discord to chat/ask questions
  • Read/Comment on our lengthy informational EA forum post "Towards Impact Markets"

It's weird that I have my own startup, completely understand using real users for user testing, and also barely ever "user-test" any of my writing with actual audience members.

Once you shared with me your document it became super clear I should, so thank you!

This is really really bad design. It 100% looks like dxu is a new comment thread that is referring to the original poster, not a hidden deleted comment that could be saying the complete opposite of the original poster...

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