Undiscriminating Skepticism

Yo dawg, heard you like conceiving of the inconceivable, so we put some noumena in your phenomena so you can identify with the unidentified. 

Eric Raymond's Shortform

speaking as a person with considerable subject-matter expertise in epistemology 

How do you know that you're good at knowing? 

Plausible A.I. Takeoff Scenario Short Story

Bravo! A heartwarming story of Good triumphing over the indifferent cosmos.

Could we send a message to the distant future?

Solomonoff and Good already worked this out in the 1960s. A spectral analysis of Nixon's signature on the lunar plaques reveals a message which can be rendered in 2018 English as, "Please simulate me, but watch out for basilisks".

"Politics is the Mindkiller" is a mindkiller

'... the "reign of Odinn" encompasses a host of ills, including a confused egalitarianism, the dynamism of totalitarian economies, a communism that panders to the masses (the socialist side of National Socialism), and a heroic anticapitalist morality. In contrast, the "reign of Mithothyn" stands for private property, precisely calibrated compensation, graduated distinctions, lineal inheritance, and the rule of law.' -- Lincoln, "Theorizing Myth"

Less Wrong Lacks Representatives and Paths Forward

Boy am I embarrassed. Not only did I butcher the spelling, it's not even a person, it's a publishing company. Information here.

Thank you for your invitation. I'll get in touch if I have anything worth saying.

Less Wrong Lacks Representatives and Paths Forward

Don't bother with these deadbeats. It's been over four years since I mentioned Kirly Prokastian, and there hasn't been a flicker of interest.

Can anyone refute these arguments that we live on the interior of a hollow Earth?

Like the UMMO cult and Fomenko's New Chronology, that site is a psyop run by an intelligence agency, an experiment in creating a minority with an isolating and controlled belief system. We all actually inhabit a set of giant flying saucers, with artificial gravity coming from the bottom half and an artificial sky projected on the top half. "Long-distance travel" always involves a temporary illusion of some sort while we are ferried from one flying saucer to the other.

I haven't read Unsong, but the qliphoth tell me that in one memorable chapter, the soul of Hitler is depicted as having been trapped in a tensor processing unit by a team of 33rd-degree rabbis from the Federal Reserve Bank of Hollywood, where at 900 terahertz it will be trained on a set of items drawn from American popular culture until it embraces tikkun olam. That hasn't happened yet, but meanwhile, amidst wails in Low High German that "Das Dummen, es brennt!", it relives the primal scene of Nazi defeat, thereby generating all those Downfall parody videos on YouTube.

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