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"Our asses, even bigger than our hearts": the Bezosian .0000001% explain the secret of their success 

A place where nobody dared to go... 

Before the diamondoid zeppelins clustering in the sky completely blotted out the sun, one came low enough for the message on its flank to be seen: "Tlon, Uqbar, Stlalm Anit". 

Nuclear fusion is a little over eight minutes away, so you're probably right. For now. 

Do it to my alt! Do it to my alt! Not me!

Don't bother trying to escape from here. Nobody ever has, and nobody ever will!

Yo dawg, heard you like conceiving of the inconceivable, so we put some noumena in your phenomena so you can identify with the unidentified. 

speaking as a person with considerable subject-matter expertise in epistemology 

How do you know that you're good at knowing? 

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