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On Firefox I'd recommend tridactyl if you want more features. Though it definitely has a steeper learning curve. So if tridactyl seems overwhelming you might as well use Vimium which has all the shortcuts I use ~98% of the time. 

Babble challenge: 50 ways of hiding Einstein's pen for fifty years

First get some special case for the pen so it will survive any of the scenarios.

  1. Bury it very deep underground
  2. Eat it
  3. Get it transplanted between your organs.
  4. Move to china and get a new identity
  5. Put it into the sword handle of your decorational sword on your wall
  6. Shoot it into orbit.
  7. Get a save at a bank.
  8. Build your own castle to defend the pen.
  9. Paint the pen in a different color. No one will notice it is the same pen.
  10. Make it invisible
  11. Give it to your friend you really trust.
  12. Hide the pen for 30 years and then give it to the child Albert Einstein so he can come up with his results 20 years early.
  13. Send it to Albert Einsteins mother, so she can protect it.
  14. Throw it into the ocean and hope the tides will bring it back 50 years later
  15. Put it between your couch cushions.
  16. Put it inside one of your couch cushions.
  17. Lend it to a museum for 50 years and tell them about the importance of the pen. No one will expect that you put the pen on display for everyone.
  18. Give the pen to Maxwell, so he can come up with relativity instead.
  19. Tell your son to come up with a solution. You fear you won't be there in 50 years to protect the pen.
  20. Hide it in an old tree.
  21. Bring the pen to the Vatican and ask the pope to hide the pen for you in some special save?
  22. Glue it to the ceiling of your appartment.
  23. Hide the pen inside an art gallery with the Text: "This is not a pen" written under the display.
  24. Put it into your pocket
  25. Give it to a pen collector to hide it between his other pens.
  26. Try really hard to remember what you learned about physics in the future and come up with the Einsteins work instead.
  27. put it into a chest and tell someone that it contains something really important.
  28. Send it to your parents.
  29. Examine it very closely. Maybe you are able to transfer its power to other pens.
  30. Become really good at making pens, so you can give Albert Einstein another pen that is just as good.
  31. Hide it in a mine
  32. Found a cult around the pen that will be able to protect it against those evil forces.
  33. Go to iceland and hide it in the snow.
  34. Go to the Sahara and hide it in the sand.
  35. Hide it inside of a book you don't like.
  36. get a really high tower and hide it on the roof. no one will dare to go there
  37. Hide it inside of some indiana Jones Temple
  38. It's 1855? Put it under your hat.
  39. Hide it on a yet undiscovered Island.
  40. Put it so deep under water that it can only be retrieved with technology after 1900
  41. Put it into a secret pocket of your jacket.
  42. Give it to powerful authorities of your country of residence
  43. Give it to a construction worker to hide it in a wall.
  44. Put it into the Lascaux cave. It won't be discovered for more then 80 years.
  45. Close your Eyes so you can't see it.
  46. throw it real high and hope it does only come back in 50 years.
  47. Put it into your wallet
  48. Invent the Radio and send a signal to aliens to take the pen on there spaceship.
  49. Hide a fake copy of the pen in an obvious hiding place and keep the real one always with you.
  50. Make 50 copies of the pen and hide all of them in seperate locations. Only you know where you hid the original one.
Babble challenge: 50 ways of sending something to the moon

Really love the idea of having more exercise/dojo-posts. I discovered this challenge a little late and then I put it off, but I always meant to come back:

  1. rocket
  2. slingshot
  3. gun
  4. trampoline
  5. giant swing
  6. giant vacuum pipe (I believe to have read about something like that on xkcd to bring water to mars)
  7. throw it with your arms
  8. "something" includes light, so you can send light to the moon using a small laser or a flashlight
  9. build a tower/space elevator
  10. grow a tree
  11. use your magic wand
  12. balloon
  13. make a bridge out of legos
  14. fly up there with your magic wings
  15. get the moon to you -> get the moon out of its current orbit and crash it into the earth (or just get it closer)
    1. throw a big rock to get the moon out of its orbit
    2. use a giant laser to get the moon out of its orbit
    3. pull the moon toward the earth with a giant string
    4. Turn the earth into a giant magnet and pull the moon toward you.
    5. wait for the tides to pull the moon closer to you, then throw.
    6. frown at the moon hard enough to make it complacent then let it smash into earth
  16. throw it through a wormhole
  17. use a solar sail
  18. trick yourself into believing you made it to the moon
  19. rebuild the moon on earth
  20. smash a giant meteor into the earth, so that some debris reaches the moon
  21. pay Nasa/SpaceX to brainstorm for you
  22. use a giant hook
  23. put a small stone on top of an atomic bomb
  24. make an icecream tower
  25. freeze the seas and make a giant jumping hill
  26. water a plant and let it grow until it grows toward the moon
  27. genetically engineer a frog to jump to the moon from mount Everest.
  28. throw many tomatoes hard enough to accelerate yourself toward the moon
  29. build a giant ice bridge toward the moon
  30. frown at the moon hard enough to ma
  31. tell your hamster about it
  32. find the strongest human you can find and let him throw a juggling ball
  33. use a pencil as a catapult
  34. use something with negative mass to launch it to the moon
  35. wait for future generations/superintelligence to find a cheap way to do it for you
  36. build a particle accelerator with the radius of the earth with a small hole to throw particles to the moon
  37. wait for the neutrinos of your nuclear fusion reactor to reach the moon
  38. become the leader of your country and start a space program
  39. turn mount Everest into jelly and throw something on it
  40. build a giant rollercoaster
  41. make a tornado/typhoon/some other big wind thingy
  42. put it into a volcano
  43. use an enormous ventilator
  44. travel back in time when the moon and the earth were still one and put your thing at the right spot so it will be at the moon in the present
  45. use venus or mars as a gravity slingshot
What are your greatest one-shot life improvements?

I feel very drowsy in the morning, if I get woken up by an alarmsound or vibration. Buying a light alarm clock has largely solved this problem for me. I wake up before the alarm rings about 80% of the time. It does not work that well if I am sleep deprived.

The main advantages for me are: I wake up more often before my alarm rings and the light is an immediate cue that it is time to wake up.

They are relatively expensive, but from browsing Amazon for 2 minutes I get the impression that you can get pretty good ones for 30-50$ (I personally bought one for ~60$).

[Math] Towards Proof Writing as a Skill In Itself

This confirms my experience so far. I tried to read Naive Set Theory, but after like 3 chapters I realized that the author already expects me to know how proofs work. I used the book How to prove it by Daniel J. Velleman to learn how to write proofs. I cannot say whether this is the best book out there, but it is definitely useful for self-study. It has a lot of exercise problems after every section and solutions for 30-50% of them. I went through roughly half of the book. I am currently taking linear algebra and real analysis in university and I feel more comfortable about the class than a lot of my classmates.

Desperation hamster wheels

The example with the book reasonated with me. I am currently trying to get better at math and writing proofs and in the beginning I used to feel pretty good about myself and my progress while I was studying. Now I have gotten to a point where I have a harder time with the problems in my book and I feel like my progress is slowing down. I don't know if that is actually the case, but I have started to get stressed out about it.

Bet On Biden

You can use catnip which is built on Augur. Here is a blogpost from the guy who made it and a Discord Channel where you can ask questions when you get stuck.      

Bet On Biden

Ok so I am through the process of making an acount and adding funds to it. You have to transfer your money into the Cryptocurrency DAI. The bet with the lowest fees and the longest expiration date (to allow for a longer time until the results are known), has Trump at 62%. The cheapest NO-share that you can buy immediately is at .69. There is a 0.77% market fee. But there is a relatively high fee for making a transaction which is payed in Etherum. it currently costs the equivalent of around 10$. But this transaction doesn't scale with your bet, so if you already plan to make a large bet (>500$) this shouldn't affect your decision much.

Bet On Biden

Ok you don't need Etherum. You can just buy Augur's currency using a credit card. I tried using coinbase, but it seems to have pretty high exchange fees.

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Bet On Biden

You could try using Augur using a VPN I think. Though you need Cryptocurrency (Etherum). Which is the reason I didn't use it so far (too much effort to set up).

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