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Unjustified ideas comment thread

I bet Eliezer's readership could be doubled if someone rewrote his posts in a more positive tone. His style of "haha, look at how dumb everyone is" just doesn't sit well with a good number of people (and I've talked to a few of them), even if that's not quite what he is saying.

Unjustified ideas comment thread

In the long run, ETH >> BTC. I'll even provide a few intuitions for why I think this:

  • Feature-wise ETH is strictly better.
  • Single founder >> committee. Especially since Vitalik is really smart.
Unjustified ideas comment thread

Yeah, I think the notification system for comment threads could use some work.

Unjustified ideas comment thread
If you would sometimes engage in a deep argument, it would be viable but I haven't seen a single post from you do try to deeply argue a case.

It might help to know that this is an account I created to be anonymous. When I have a "normal" post to write, I write it under my actual name.

Evernote works well for getting ideas stuck in your head on paper. I don't publish every random idea that I record in Evernote online and I see no reason why this community would encourage such behavior.

Something about getting social feedback feels a lot more powerful (to me) and helps me move past it quicker than just writing it down.

As for this community dis/encouraging this kind of behavior, I'll leave that up to the admins (and voters).

Unjustified ideas comment thread

Okay, will do it each month (if it gets some traction).

Unjustified ideas comment thread
Can one just spit out random, speculative opinions?


Can one come and just unironically state "I think Trump being president is evidence that the aliens are among us" as long as they sincerely suspect the correlation?

Yup. That's the idea.

Fire drill proposal

Sigh. I suppose I haven't. Can you steelman it for me? (At least in your own mind.) If you can't, then I suppose this post deserves all the downvotes it has.

Fire drill proposal
Is it that it is a demonstration of humanity's ability to coordinate on a massive scale?


Fire drill proposal

Happy to hear proposals about fire drills with a feedback sooner than 1 year.

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