Satoshi Nakamoto?

by MrRobot 1 min read2nd Nov 201710 comments


1) How scary would it be to realize that Satoshi Nakamoto is actually Unfriendly AI slowly creating an insane amount of wealth? (For a broader, but more positive context read Max Tegmark's intro chapter "The Tale of the Omega Team" from his book "Life 3.0", pg 3-21)

2) Proof that "Satoshi Nakamoto is either: 1) dead or in prison, OR 2) is not a human": Any human who is alive and free would have withdrawn from their initial Bitcoin wallet by now.

3) Nobody will ever shutdown Bitcoin as long as its making them money! That plus distributed blockchain. How is that not a recipe for CPU immortality?

4) And if I'm wrong: LessWrong, will you make it your mission to figure out who Satoshi Nakamoto is? To make sure they are... human.

5) If I was a superintelligent AGI with lots of money, I'd pay Elon Musk whatever money he wants to create physical startups that will be able to create Terminators and go to Space.