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Tucson, Arizona, USA

I guess I was assuming (based on my model of lsusr) that the intent of that paragraph was to talk about taking on more risk and responsibility. But, reading it back I think you're right about how that passage is a lot more "macho" and a lot less "useful self reliance skills" which I'll agree is odd.   

On the second point, I feel like your statement is a straw man due to the fact that, sure, part of what's going on in the second passage is that kids get the "privilege to die", but, the way you say that seems to ignore all of the (well established in my mind) benefits other than just death that kids raised in this manner would get. 

I think you're misreading the place this is coming from. To me the suggestions (both the workshops, and "macho tests") feel more inspired by the dutch dropping tradition (NYT,  sorry).

Also, I think you might be "rounding off" the essay into an argument for some "metaphorical good old days" which I don't think it's doing. Namely, to me at least, "good old days" implies a "this never was real so wishing for it is dumb" that clearly isn't the case with some of the things being suggested (see the above link talking about how children in the Netherlands tend to be freer and expected to take on more risk). 

Finally, "had the privilege to die or get lead poisoning" is a pretty obvious straw man. 

Response to #5

If you can't acquire a 2nd monitor for what ever reason you can make better use of a single monitor using a tiling windows manager. 

For Windows : (i use this every day)

For Mac : (first google result, might be better)

For Linux : hehehe, good luck

These are also quite useful if you've got multiple monitors

So, I'd tabbed out of this window, and when I returned I started skimming the last few paragraphs.... I didn't notice

This topic increases the weight I'm putting on the importance of Brain Machine Interfacing as a necessary step for our society to continue existing.

If you haven't read HPMOR, harry potter and the methods of rationality, then I recommend giving it a shot! It's what got me into the community. While extremely long, it's engaging to the point that you don't really notice. I'm dyslexic, so reading isn't exactly fun for me, and I read the last 30 thousand words or so all in one sitting!

Many of the chapters share names with A-Z posts, and cover similar topics, but with the added backdrop of great characters and world building.

Over the weekend I'll be reading worm the longest and one of the most interesting books I've ever encountered.

Welcome to the community! :)

Hello! I’m more or less new hear. Been reading on and off for ~ a year, but keep getting distracted by school. I’m a CS sophomore trying to gain control of my life and my mind, and, trying to make friends who care about understanding things.

The DMV, by definition of what it is isn’t a profitable enterprise. Therefore, it has to be paid for with taxes.

Americans hate taxes. Especially conservative Americans. My negative expreinces with the DMV have been entirely a plain lack of infatuate. My county has two offices for around a million people

This results in 7+ hour waits, characteristic of what people complain about from the DMV.

This isn’t the DMV, but rather an unwillingness in the local gov / citizenry to raise taxes in order to build offices.

I guess my answer to the question would be because American have a really high level of what is worth funding with taxes.

This might also be because the DMV is state level, while the Post Office is federal level. People seem more willing to pay Federal Taxes for services than state taxes. Tho, this is something I’d need more data to believe whole heartedly

Something similar to this? With the root notion of the action, weather it be divination or a walk in the woods being to detach yourself from your own mind and force yourself to reflect?

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