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I can give a concrete example.

If you're writing a novel (novel-writing is not a subfield of rationality) then you don't need to keep in mind the principle "[i]f you don't understand an idea's limitations then you don't understand that idea."

On the other hand, if you are trying to figure out whether Capitalism is the best ideological framework to apply to a region (which is a question within the domain of rational analysis) then you absolutely must keep in mind the limits of the Capitalist framework.

Nope. It's just due to personal life circumstances.

Usually doctrine means what people have been trained to do. In the case of nuclear doctrine, it's a widely-publicized (to its allies and rivals) statement of intent.

I'm less concerned. Russian nuclear doctrine lists the circumstances under which Russia would launch its nukes.

a) ICBMS are launched against Russia.

b) WMDs are deployed against Russia or its allies.

c) Russia's ability to retaliate with nukes is threatened.

d) Russia's state faces an existential threat.

Nothing about the Ukraine war meets any of the above criteria.

Bayesianism defines probability in terms of belief. Frequentism defines probability as a statement about the world's true probabiliity. Saying "[t]he Frequentist now believes" is therefore asking for a Frequentist's Bayesian probability.

Fixed for real this time. Thanks.

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