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Great talk!

I feel excitement at noticing the existence of models that I don't yet have. As many of your "one-liners" felt like whole threads of their own:

  • The legacy code of floppy disks in nuclear silos. And how one might place greater trust in older systems.
  • The somewhat "naivety" of American society toward fake news. And whether that's a feature of high trust societies.
  • That perhaps the replication crisis may be viewed as a strength of the field of psychology for noticing the problem.
  • That CPU production is only possible due to the very large economies of scale. Is cpu production economical at the scale of 50 million people?

I also felt fear that we may be inside the Roman Empire so to speak.

It's fascinating that we use very different thinking when looking at the history / future / present. And that theories are evaluated against different criteria because of how our psychology treats different timeframes.

I'm guessing there's an equivalent of the status quo bias' "reversal test" that can be deployed for this temporal bias. The perspective you're stuck in because you happen to be a resident of the 21st century. Pretending you're a greek slave or a christian monk or so on.

Interpretive Labor

Thanks for the writeup. The very next day after, the phrase "interpretive labour" occured naturally in my internal monologue. It's as if I'd been carrying around the concept hole / shape for quite a while.

"ahh finally, I've a way to refer to that thing." I wonder what thinking looks like before you have a handy pointer. You have to move the felt sense around all the time? A word coining seems like the creation of a central Blegg/Rube node in the network.

Wonder if some folks find interpretive labour enjoyable. Currently, I enjoy stream of consciousness writing much more than writing blog posts.

For me talking to non ingroup folks can sometimes be tiring because of the need to do interpretive labour / translate out of my native brain-speak on the fly. Though some people I know don't get tired by this.

How to Build a Lumenator

As well as his original: YOU NEED MORE LUMENS (Mon, 12/07/2015).

obvious epiphanies

You've created a monster.

RAISE is looking for full-time content developers

erratum: I think you mean $10,000 instead of $10.000 in the second paragraph.

It felt slightly dated eg: power poses, proposing social commitment instead of internal trust (idc).

If you wrote this, imo your writing has seriously improved. :).

It could be because your thoughts moved in an *agrees with me* direction though.

When was this document written?

Last Chance to Fund the Berkeley REACH

Might want to state what a $2260 monthly gap means in terms of a patreon target. Perhaps, having one clear number might motivate folks. eg 6k/month or something.

pledged $20. edit: reduced to $10 for personal finance reasons.

Noticing the Taste of Lotus

I'd been watching an improv comedy show on YouTube for some time. A family member walked past, and feeling somewhat embarrassed, I switched to an entertaining maths video. Pretty much immediately a wave of tiredness hit me, so much so I had to rest my head on my arms.

The lotus nature of the videos meant I had been ignoring my need for sleep for at least an hour.

I think lotus eating requires a lack of awareness. You feel that quiet tension, as if something's a little off. But once you're in, game over.

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