DonyChristie's intellectual fap post has called for post-rational techniques.

I got most of the way through a comment reply before I realised it was a joke. April fools and all.

Fruits of that effort here are some thoughts


Developing your centre's. Sarah Perry's are knitting and mountain running.

If you ever meet me in person and want to put me at ease, ask me about running or knitting. These are two of my behaviours, my behavioural centers, and one indication of that is how much I like talking about them specifically. I do feel that there is something special about them, and that they connect to my nature on a fundamental level. In my heart, I think everyone should do mountain running and knitting, because they are the best things.

Reading a lot. All the good soft books. Perhaps the ones overlooked by the skeptic types: Bonds that make us free, Feeding your Demons, Chakras, MTG colour wheel, Dream interpretation, Peterson's Bible lectures. Architecture.

Free-ing stuck meanings. A long example of Chapman's here. "I'm not good with people" or "I'm not a technical person"

Meditation. Seems to be important and relate to this somehow. MTCB, The Mind Illuminated, Seeing that frees, Roaring Silence.

What's the context? What the hell is it you're trying to do? The metagame is discovering the constraints. You're swimming in the unknown what are the rules of the game you're playing.

This is what you're doing anyway. It feels important keep in mind Chapman's answer to "If not Bayes then what?"

My answer to “If not Bayesianism, then what?” is: all of human intellectual effort. Figuring out how things work, what’s true or false, what’s effective or useless, is “human complete.” In other words, it’s unboundedly difficult, and every human intellectual faculty must be brought to bear.
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