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Agree with adjustment for rapid tests. Otherwise, the results are overly conservative.

Agree with Jeff on this one. This program is interesting because it is 100% affordable, so you don't have market-rate renters/buyers cross-subsidizing affordable renters/buyers -- instead the developer's bottom line takes a hit. This hit is compensated with increased density. While this is a great start, it still requires a lottery system for applicants, which is inherently inequitable to those who are not selected but have a need, and it points to the fact that density restrictions are arbitrary! i.e. the city decides that for this case density isn't harmful to the neighbors, which means it is likely an artificial cap. I hope that we can ween ourselves off anti-housing regulations and get towards a truly affordable market while still using regulations to avoid real nuisances like noise, odor, pollution.

What about post-life investments? Are you already thinking about some kind of mechanism to keep this website up and hosted after you are gone?

You previously wrote that you were looking for a better solution to dictation than Google Keep - have you found anything else that works well?