what the hell to do about other people & their beliefs?
And how might that be tangled up with current stuck-ness.

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This post is all there is. :) I was abusing the footnote notation to smuggle in links to other cool things. updated.


grocery line - wonder if this guy enjoys his job, that wine bottle may fall, you're often rushing to pack shopping here, it's like they've outsourced packing to customers.

youtube genres - anime music videos, long film soundtracks

what about your experience - the number of associations. I've had multiple friends remark how slightly "erratic" my conversation style can be at times. eg: questions asked of the form: "how does this relate to the previous thing"


I don't think I'll give you the exact example. However it was similar to the tea sentence as in it felt "obviously subjective". Thing was, there was also a bit of social good agreeing with me. A closer example might be if I'd said "runs are wonderful", Given society thinks "exercise = good". Steve already felt bad for not doing enough exercise.

Funnily, in my some of my social circles people have had the reverse problem. Friends have felt a little bad expressing that they enjoy exercise. Since in tiny_society_of_mine "exercise = terrible" because I'm fed up of all the exercise-guilt.