noticing internal experiences

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Open up a blank text file or take a blank sheet of lined paper, Fill the page with whatever comes to mind. write down what is running through your internal monologue. Just get it all out onto the page. Try to capture as much as possible even if it disappears too quickly. This is called free writing or morning pages.[1]

Here's a worked example:

"The feel of the new keyboard as I look down and see my fingers moving I notice the rushing of the wind through the open window and I just used the word notice twice the keys clack and I'm not looking at the screen at all need to learn touch typing new keyboard though so that's okay wonder if I've done enough yet don't want to get lost in the meta the typing is slowing down I feel warm" [2]

Our inner worlds are incredible interesting subtle and strange. If you’re going to learn what kind of thing you are you need to look internally & notice the subtle flinches that drive you. Amplify the texture and substance of your thoughts through gentle observation. Use your awareness to explore your mind.

Noticing is done through your peripherals, your awareness not what you're currently focused on. A mental habit trained through intention. The feeling of something leaping into consciousness you notice theres is an enjoyable song playing, also flinches can be bodily.

To change the way a mind normally reactions you need to observe what it does by default. Our actions can be built of long chains of if then statements. Given specific context -> response. Hungry at home & no bread & low energy level -> peanut butter wrap.

Keywords: Subconscious awareness

[1] Brienne calls this Reflective Recording. Much better explanations there o'course.

[2] It can be really nice to "validate" your internal experience by writing it down.