I am broadly interested in theoretical computer science and neuroscience. Recently I've been thinking more about existential risks and risks from advanced AI in particular.

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Looks like there might be some test data leakage

This is very similar to the Julia Galef's framing of Hayekians vs Central planners, which I have found to be quite useful to look at these sort of dynamics. It's also a bit like the exploration/exploitation tradeoff. Initially when you have high uncertainty, it makes a lot of sense to wander and follow your curiosity as that would be more productive. And once you've gathered enough about something, it's much easier to apply the said knowledge. 

. Before the toddler ever hears the word,


It goes even back for certain visual stimuli 

We examined fetal head turns to visually presented upright and inverted face-like stimuli. Here we show that the fetus in the third trimester of pregnancy is more likely to engage with upright configural stimuli when contrasted to inverted visual stimuli, in a manner similar to results with newborn participants. The current study suggests that postnatal experience is not required for this preference.

Kudos to the speaker, as a (physics) layman I found it really well explained. The connection b/w Renormalization flows and phase transition was really elegant. 

Alas, being slightly over the subtly-warped-judgment line is like taking one drink – sure it only impairs your judgment a little, but, the one of the things you might do with slightly impaired judgment is to take another drink. (Or, say, foster more emotional closeness with someone who you wouldn’t endorse eventually having sex with).


This is sort of the situation where you need to erect Shelling fences

One aspect of schooling which is not easily available in home schooling is peer/social learning. Did you find that being a problem? 

In case you're fine with an approximation, you could try modelling the #P problem as a CNF (check this paper for more info) and use an approx model counter such as

"Trial of Socrates" - Socrates preferring death instead of changing his stance on "corrupting the youth"
Kind of cliched, but still I really love this pic.

Ahh that's because in India we have a graduate entrance exam called GATE (for admission to IITs and other institutes). And ToC carries a lot of weight-age.

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