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I agree about it having to fit on a single chip, but surely the neural net on-board would only have a relatively negligible impact on range compared to how much the electric motor consumes in motion?

I'd provide a counterexample analogy: speedruns.

Many high-level speedruns (and especially TAS runs) often look like some combination of completely stupid/insane/incomprehensible to casual players. Nevertheless, they work for the task they set out to do far more effectively than trying to beat the game quickly with "casual strats" would get you.

I think seeing a sufficiently smart AI doing stuff in the real world would converge to looking a lot like that from our POV.

Any particular reason you've linked all those tweets, but blocked general access to them? I'd probably be interested in reading some of those threads just going by the titles.

Hey, I'm an interested Lithuanian :)

Only saw your comment just now 2 months later, but I've sent you a DM.

Is there any GDP-like measure that does do a better job of capturing growth from major tech breakthroughs?

Advice for Smart People with Autism

Even if you never write this one (or any of the other ideas with "autis" in the title), I'd love a 1-3 sentence summary of your suggestions.

How long would you expect to be able to enjoy your newfound fortune in Google stock before death? I could maybe see an AGI starting to disassemble the planet before the stock even has a chance to rise all that much...

In the limit, the pessimists will eventually be correct. There's only so many technologies and improvements that can be made under the laws of physics (e.g. Landauer's limit), and once we hit those real limits, that'll be as good as it gets.

Of course, the catch that a lot of people might not realize is that a) we're at least centuries away from hitting said limits, even with aligned superintelligence, and b) those limits are far, far better than what we have and live with today.

They are: aesthetics, mental health, social capital, wealth, physical attractiveness, and niceness.

So if I'm below average on probably all of these (and extremely below average on at least mental health and social capital), is the right thing to do just to give up on dating for the foreseeable future?

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