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Thoughts on Neuralink update?

by NoUsernameSelected1 min read29th Aug 20206 comments


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Here is the full stream.

I haven't seen LessWrong discuss BCI technology all that much, so I'm curious what some of the people here think about the current SOTA, and whether such devices will eventually be able to live up to their lofty promises.

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2 Answers

I think something like Neuralink is needed to make AGI workable for humans. Otherwise we are just there. Tools, services and assistants are not natural enough.

See my old post here: https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/TbFMq8XkJAYa3EELw/when-does-technological-enhancement-feel-natural-and

Elon Musk have argued that humans can take in a lot of information through vision (by looking at a picture for one second, you can take in a lot of information). Text/speech however is not very information dense. He argues that therefore since we use keyboards or speech to communicate information outwards, it takes a long time.

One possibility is that AI could help interpreting the data uploaded, and filling in details to make the uploaded information more useful. For example you could "send" an image of something through the Neuralink, an AI would interpret it, fill in the details that are unclear, and then you would have an image, very close to what you imagined, containing several hundred or maybe thousands kilobytes of information.

The neuralink would only need to increase the productivity of an occupation by a few percent, to be worth the investment of 3000-4000 USD that Elon Musk believes the price will drop to.