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Andrew Ng dismisses UFAI concerns

1 min read
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Just wanted to update that the two parties in Bangalore have been merged. Either of those links will point to the same location and time details, but just in case you're still editing the list.

This meetup is updated to 9:00 PM IST on 14th March. Details updated at the link.

Ok, sure. Changed the title in line with Vaniver's suggestion.

I had not understood what the "tribal talk" comment was referring to either and then decided to put only as much effort into understanding it as the commenter had in being understood. :)

I think since he draws an analogy to a problem it would be actually absurd to work on (no point working on overpopulation on Mars unless several other events happen first), he does seem to be suggesting that it's ridiculous worrying about things like UFAI *now* rather than "hundreds, maybe thousands...(read more)

The beeminder team sends "legitimacy check" emails if you've derailed on your goal which explicitly asks if it was a case of forgetting to enter the data. I've written in once or twice when I've derailed on account of not entering the data on time and have had quick responses from them, and haven't ...(read more)

There are forums like [this]( where you can connect with other adult beginners (or learners at most levels, really) and even upload your recordings and ask for feedback.

There are also discussions around what pieces to learn next, how to set up a daily practise regimen e...(read more)

Do you enjoy movies? Does the background score seem distracting?

Not all animals can be domesticated for meat production. Jared Diamond discusses the question in "Guns, Germs and Steel". He calls it the [Anna Karenina principle](, and some of the factors influencing this are:

* Growth rate of the species * Bre...(read more)

> Situational awareness is further lauded by elite military units, police trainers, criminals, intelligence analysts, and human factors researchers. In other words, people who have to make very important-- often life-or-death-- decisions based on limited information consider situational awareness a ...(read more)