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This is a "knowledge builds up on previous knowledge" problem. It's not that math is fundamentally hard or something a person with normal intelligence can't achieve.

It's just a matter of systematically filling the gaps in your knowledge. Some people have wider gaps, others have narrower ones. Past experience counts a lot here.

The ideal posture is starting from the ground. Really, go back to the beginning of high school of you need to (that's no shame), but make sure you have the fundamentals right (and you expose yourself to a variety of applications/examples/environments).

Message me if you need some sort of step-by-step to kick into action. I've been researching this a lot and founded a company in Brazil that gives trainings on how to learn better.

What does the cold have to do with it?

thank you. This was a 'duh!' moment; I haven't realized it was the 2nd book of the Natural 20.

Can you give a link to this story? It is surprisingly difficult to find.

No. Quirrell knew what was going on because of the empathic link with Harry. The "ancient device" line was him covering up that this existed.

From Reddit, when people answered the exact same commentary made by me.

Started reading now. It's highly rated, so I'm expecting it to be at least amusing.

Could you send the 1st and 2nd for me, please? paulo at username dot com


It's a copywriting technique. It makes easier for people to read (note how the subjects of newsletters campaings usually come like that). Don't ask me for the research, I have no idea where I've read it.

In this case, I guess he just pasted the title here.


I'm rather curious how parents can "be" something to children without doing, since it's supposed children don't know their parents before their first contact (after birth, I mean).

It seems beautiful, so far. Thanks!

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