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I will keep harping on that more people should try starting (public benefit) corporations instead of nonprofits. At least, give it five minutes' thought. Especially if handwaves impact markets something something. This should be in their Overton Window, but it might not be because they automatically assume "doing good => charity => nonprofit". Corporations are the standard procedure for how effective helpful things are done in the world; they are RLHF'd by the need to acquire profit by providing real value to customers, reducing surfacce area for bullshitting. I am not an expert here by any means, but I'm noticing the fact that I can go on Clerky or Stripe Atlas and spend a couple hours spinning up an organization, versus, well, I haven't actually gone through with trying to incorporate a nonprofit, but the process seems at least 10x more painful based on reading a book on it and with how many people seek fiscal sponsorship. I'm pretty surprised this schlep isn't talked about more. Having to rely on fiscal sponsorship seems pretty obviously terrible to me, and I hadn't even considered the information-distortive effects here. I would not be caught dead being financially enmeshed with the EVF umbrella of orgs after FTX. From my naive perspective, the castle could have easily been a separate business entity with EVF having at least majority control?

(I just realized I'm on LessWrong and not EA Forum, and could have leaned harder into capitalismpunk without losing as many social points.)

The wifi hacking also immediately struck me as reminiscent of paranoid psychosis. Though a significant amount of psychosis-like things are apparently downstream of childhood trauma, including sexual abuse, but I forget the numbers on this.

I've worried about it's sustainability, but do you think it's been a good path for you?

Cutting out bird and seafood products (ameliatarianism) is definitely more sustainable for me. I'm very confused why you would think it's less sustainable than, uh, 'cold turkey' veganism. "Just avoid chicken/eggs" (since I don't like seafood or the other types of bird meat products) is way easier than "avoid all meat, also milk, also cheese".

Similar for me. I was very suspicious at first that the first message was a Scam and if I clicked I would blow up the website or something tricksy. Then with the second message I thought it might be customized to test my chosen virtue, "resisting social pressure", so I didn't click it.

"You’ve never experienced bliss, and so you’re frantically trying to patch everything up and pin it all together and screw the universe up so that it's fixed." - Alan Watts

People in MIRI/CFAR/LessWrong ~actively resisted the idea of a marketing push optimized more along dimensions of mass persuadability, for better or worse. One reason is that there is inertia once you've built a mass movement with MoPs who can't dialogue like on this site. My straw model is they think "we just need to produce technical insights and communicate them" and other comms work is an opportunity cost or creates/incentivizes some kind of epistemic trap.

And this is the exact type of statement where I would expect this coincidence to pop up. Both are a reasonable number of days for bureaucracy to take, the large discrepancy between them is required for the complaint in the tweet to happen in the first place, and I would expect the number of days to be very specific rather than a round number.


I agree with this. Although I will note people are claiming it actually took 56 (IIRC) days for them to get back to him.

I think it's an entirely sensible inference in the world where it is true that it was intentional, albeit a highly reductive description of the actual psychological reality of someone who holds those beliefs enough to output such symbols. In that world, he could also be paying lipservice to pander or be trolling.

group homes (in adulthood as a long term situation)

People living together in group homes (as extended families) used to be the norm? The weird thing is how isolated and individualist we've become. I would argue that group houses where individual adults join up together are preserving some aspect of traditional social arrangement where people live closely, but maybe you would argue that this is not the same as an extended family or the lifelong kinship networks of a village.

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